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Doug is well on his way to the ‘A-List’ of
copywriters! I put my money where my
mouth is. I’ve hired him myself. He’s also
an email storytelling sequences virtuoso!
There are few people whose emails I always
read. It’s a very short list, and Doug is on it.
— Ray Edwards, A-list Copywriter

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About Doug…

Hi there, I’m Doug Pew. I’m a direct response copywriter and a Ph.D. composer of classical music. You know, the kind of stuff Beethoven and Mozart were famous for. They were the original Rockstars!

This website is the home of my copywriter’s life. I write about my journey from full-time musician to direct response copywriter. I use music to understand and explain how great copywriting works. I started out calling my copywriting methods, “Symphonic Copywriting.” And even though that’s how I understand and think about copywriting, it’s a bit stuffy and even intimidating. So I’ve morphed my methods into what I call “Rock Star Copywriting.”

In the end, the ideas I share here will help you turn the copy you write for your business into the music your customers want to hear. The kinds of messages that build your tribe and increase sales in your business.

My wife and I (she’s also a musician… she can play the violin like nobody’s business!) live in Lehi, Utah with our 5 beautiful children. She runs a Norwex business and is a real rock star herself in that community.

Actually, that’s where I really got my start in copywriting, helping her with her business.

I believe that your business is like a film, and the copy you write for your business is the soundtrack. It’s the element that tells the internal story, that brings your message and mission to your audience with the greatest impact possible.

I’m here to help you sing your customer’s tune.

To help you get started, I’ve prepared a free report to help you start applying the R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Copywriting Framework to your advertising and marketing messages. Before you know it, you’ll be writing copy that hits your audience right in the heart, the way their favorite songs do.

R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Copywriting Framework & "Hit Song" Email Template

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    Formal (stuffy sounding) Bio

    Dr. Douglas Pew

    Doug is an email marketing strategist and copywriter who helps course builders, seminar hosts, membership site owners, eComm stores, MLMers, and SaaS companies get hoards of paying fans using his R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Copywriting FrameworkTM.

    He has written successful email sequences and sales letters for major influencers in the digital marketing industry such as Ray Edwards and Social Media Examiner.

    His rigorous and unforgiving, repetitive and thorough training as a Ph.D. composer of classical music…through years of schooling, performing, composing, conducting, teaching, and analyzing music…has given him x-ray vision to see structures and trends that help him write copy that converts prospects into loyal, paying customers.

    “Dr. Douglas Pew is a prodigy who has seamlessly channeled his musical gifts into orchestrating copy that is powerful, persuasive prose that will bring you profits. And what’s more, it will be copy you can be proud of.”

    – Ray Edwards, A-list copywriter

    “Copywriter Doug Pew has tremendous work ethic, positive energy, follow-through and attention to detail. With both high level analytical and creative skills, he’s very good at breaking things down as well as putting things together. Keep an eye on this guy—he’s going places!”

    – David Garfinkel, the world’s greatest copywriting coach

    Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter


    I’ve learned to write persuasive, response-getting copy for your business by working with a true master, A-lister rock star copywriter, Ray Edwards.  

    Not only am I one of his Certified Copywriters… Ray has hired me personally to write emails, sales pages, Facebook ads, video sales letters, and landing pages for his business and his agency, Inklings, Inc

    Ray Edwards is a Communications Strategist, Copywriter, Author, Speaker, and host of one the top iTunes Business Podcasts. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, and with some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business. His clients include New York Times best-selling authors Michael Hyatt (author of Platform and co-author of Living Forward), Tony Robbins (author of Unleash the Giant Within and Money: Master the Game), Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen (co-authors of Chicken Soup For the Soul), Jeff Walker (author of Launch), and many more.

    Ray's copy and marketing expertise has helped sell over $300 Million in products and services.