How 4 Strings Led to "I Do"

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Telling your personal stories isn’t always easy.

You feel vulnerable, or embarrassed, or like someone on your email list is going to judge you.

Especially when it comes to love and marriage and those super-personal relationships.

That’s exactly how Janae felt when we ran these emails to her list this past summer.

The 2nd email of 18 that earned us our Maui trip was all about how we met, fell in love, and got married when we were really young. 

It was hard for my wife to let this one out of the bag, especially the bit about having never had a boyfriend and all that stuff, which you’ll see below.

What was amazing to both of us was, if anything, her customers fell more in love with her. The comments we got back from them showed us that they were seeing themselves in our story. They engaged with us and wanted to share their story too.

And that’s the lesson of today’s email. Though it’s hard to share personal stuff sometimes, my recommendation is, don’t hesitate! Share, share, share!

Of course, find a way to make it relevant to the campaign or sale or product launch you’re running. 

Tell your story, and then find a way to transition to the “call to action” you need to use for your campaign.

Ours started with 4 strings on a violin and ended in “I do."

As you read our “music-nerd-falling-in-love-story” below, see if you can spot the transition sentence.

I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with “firsts.”

Okay, here goes...


Email #2 of 18

Subject: How the world’s biggest classical music snob fell for me

"Who is that?" He thought to himself.

"Wow, she can really play the violin. And she's playing in tune. Freshman never play in
tune!" He was impressed.

"Hmm," he thought, "she's pretty cute too. Geez, I wanna be her accompanist!"

That's how our story began in September 2002, Rexburg, Idaho.

unnamed (1).jpg

I was the new freshman who played in tune.

Doug was BYU-Idaho's top super-duper classical music snob.

It's still funny to me that the first thing that caught his attention was the fact that I could play the violin in tune.

He truly is a music super-nerd.

Over the next couple of months, he would find me in the practice rooms and strike up conversations. "Do you know this piece...?" "Have you heard this recording...?"

My friends pointed out that Doug wasn't just popping in to ask music questions. He liked me!

One thing led to another, and by the beginning of December, we were dating. The music department had gossiping ears all over. So we kept our romance as quiet as we could.

We went to concerts together. He helped me with my music homework. We found all kinds of excuses to bump into each other throughout the music building. It was so much fun!

Doug had had his heart broken pretty bad about 6 months before we met. He was not looking for a serious relationship. He didn't want to get burned again.

I had just graduated from high school and had no intention of getting involved with a boy.

Looking back and remembering our first weeks together still gives me the flutters. I was twitter-pated.

Doug was my 1st everything. I had never had a boyfriend, never kissed a boy, never even held a boys hand.

This month I'm working hard to give us another 1st. Our 1st trip to Hawaii.

Norwex has this excellent incentive program, and I'm close to earning Doug's trip. I've already earned mine.

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If you knew my husband, you'd probably guess that he was the one that moved our relationship forward.

Tune in tomorrow morning to find out how I surprised him by popping the BIG question...

Have a great germ-free day!



Maybe it’s the first time you’ve considered sharing a personal story in your business.

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