67 Reasons Why Missing Funnel Hacking Live Was A HUGE Mistake

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I can’t believe I missed it!

Last year I had a ticket to Funnel Hacking Live 2018.

But my little girl got really sick and had to be hospitalized. I just couldn’t leave my wife and baby girl.

A few weeks later I was at one of Jeff Walker’s events and I ran into a fellow Funnel Hacker.

She told me all about Funnel Hacking Live 2018. My jaw dropped over and over again at the ridiculously amazing content I had missed. And to miss Tony Robbins live and raw… gosh… talk about FOMO on steroids.

As soon as I got home from Jeff Walker’s event, I made sure to book my Funnel Hacking Live 2019 tickets. I wasn’t gonna miss this event of a lifetime again!

And what a fabulous event it turned out to be. Russell and the team really pulled out ALL the stops!

Were you there? Or did you decide not to come this year. 

If you didn’t come, why not? As Russell often says… “do you really hate money that much?” … Haha!

But really… do you?

You missed out AGAIN this year. BIG TIME!

There were at least 67 life changing moment. Moments you missed. 

Listen, you CANNOT afford to miss these kinds of opportunities. Before I spill the beans and tell you all of the 67 reasons why missing Funnel Hacking Live may have been one of the BIGGEST mistakes you’ve ever made, let me give you the link to Funnel Hacking Live 2020. 

Really, get your ticket before they’re gone. 

There are only 4,500 seats in the house and ClickFunnels has over 70,000 active members and is spreading like wild fire. These tickets WILL SELL OUT. 

Now’s your chance. And they’re available for a limited time at a big discount.

Here’s the link:


Ok, here are the 67 reasons why missing funnel hacking live 2019 was a HUGE mistake.

Most of the items on this list are ideas that can be taken and run with and legitimately earn you a million dollars some day. So… pay attention...

1. We witnessed the greatest marketing mind on earth (or at least one of the top 3 in the world), Russell Brunson, teach and sell. His sale pitch for the 2 Comma Club X coaching program was the most beautiful piece of selling I’ve ever witnessed. It was like seeing the statue of David or the Roman Coliseum. In other words, it was MONUMENTAL.

2. In typical Click Funnels fashion, we got 2 free T-shirts with brand new designs and hashtags… #ibleedfunnels

3. Stacey Martino taught her “Yellow Brick Road” strategy. It’s her version of the Value Ladder and it’s turned her business into a power house with over 90% of her customers continuing to pay her year after year. 

4. Stephen Larson (BOOM!) taught his Red Ocean / Blue Ocean strategy. He pulled back the curtain and explained why the best marketers are Drug Dealers. Not the bad kind. The good kind. The kind that get people’s brain chemistry of high alert.

5. We all got a copy of the new Click Funnels Avengers comic book… “Will the evil Mark Zanos annihilate the world of traffic?” They turned it into a comic book movie too, which we got to see. So cool!

6. Alex Chafren taught exactly how to defend and advocate for our customers by building a #Movement instead of a business.

7. Nicholas & Amanda Bayerle brought 4,500 funnel hackers to tears by teaching us how to use our mess as our message and why that message resonates so much with our audiences.

8. Matt Maddix, the father of Caleb Maddix, inspired us all to take the high road and make sure we’re seeing the young people around us who need help. He showed us first hand how we can inspire and walk beside an entire generation of influencers by taking the time to reach down and work with kids.

9. The party at the end of day 1 was pretty epic. They called it the Funnel Roledex event. A bunch of the best service providers in the Click Funnels tribe set up booths and offered their services and products at a discount to all of us. Plus, Russel bought us all dinner and a drink. It was the best networking event I’ve ever seen.

10. Just when we thought the night was over, we were treated to the first ever viewing of the brand new Operation Underground Railroad documentary. It’s called “Operation Triple Take.” Wow! Tim Ballard and his crew are doing some of the most important work on earth saving SO many kids from sex trafficking. 

11. Day 2 started with Russell’s 2nd big teaching moment, a 90-minute presentation called “Traffic Secrets.” Basically, it was a sneak peak at his new book of the same name that comes out later this year. Like his previous books DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets, these teachings are foundational and will stand the test of time. This was one of my favorite parts. SO many huge takeaways.

12. At the end of Russell’s talk, he brought out his buddy Stu McLaren. They announced their new software, FillYourFunnel.com. It’s an incredible swipe file storage software that gets smarter the more you use it. I’m a copywriter, so I LOVE me some awesome swipe files. This is the best way I’ve seen to build yourself a ridiculous swipe file collection. And if you swipe at least 100 pages or funnels or whatever, Russell is going to share his big funnel swipe file with you for free! I’m in!

13. Have you heard of Challenge Funnels? These are SO cool. Natasha Hazlett & Cristy Nickel taught us how they’ve used a Challenge Funnel to skyrocket Cristy’s business, help a ton of women with their health, and make her a boat load of money!

14. Baily Richert taught us all about Virtual-Summit Funnels. This is one I really want to try in my business. It’s an amazing way to leverage the lists of other expert colleagues in your field to grow your own list and make a lot new sales.

15. When we came back from lunch on Day 2, there was a free copy of Dean Graziosi’s best selling book “Millionaire Success Habits.” 

16. Then, Dean himself taught us for over an hour. Wow, that guy is a KILLER copywriter! He’s known a the infomercial guy, but he’s got sick copywriting skills. He taught a version of Russell’s “Hook, Story, Offer,” but he called it “Hook, Story, Close.” It was mainly about the Close. How to have marketing stamina. How to build a bridge to the close so you don’t bore the listeners with your timid sales pitch. And much more, including some pretty amazing stories about Larry King and others.

17. Ray Higdon, who’s a network marketing advocate, taught us how to build a paid Cult-Are with what he calls “rank makers.” He had so many great one-liners. For example… “Don’t get high on learning… Get high on doing!”

18. One of my favorite people in the entire Click Funnels universe, Jamie Cross, took the stage next. She also had many powerful one-liners. For example… “Make action your focus!” “Don’t overcomplicate it. Just DO it! Fail forward!” But what really got me was her story. She came from a hollow pit of despair, heard the voice of God tell her it was time to follow what Russell is doing. And then she gave us her oh-so-smooth 5-Minute Perfect Webinar pitch that she uses all the time in her eComm business. I think I cried like 4 times in her talk. LOVE her!

19. Jamie gave us all a copy of her 5-Minute Perfect Webinar script. I’ve already written out 3 of my own 5-Minute Perfect Webinars. Can’t wait to use them!

20. The man responsible for the crazy traffic dominance Click Funnels enjoys, John Parkes, taught us about ancient Gods and the epic battle for traffic. I’ve taken some really expensive traffic courses. John explained the horrendously complicated world of traffic in the most simple and easy to understand and implement way I’ve ever witnessed. It was truly a masterpiece. He gave us his EXACT formula for the Click Funnels ads strategy. And the guy spends about $500,000 a month in Facebook ads. Sometimes more… and that’s just Facebook…

21. We got a peak behind the curtain at all the inner workings of the Click Funnels software and the team of professionals who make the software as awesome as it is. They showed us the lengths they go to to keep ClickFunnels safe from hackers, clear of bugs, and keep their support team equipped with everything they need to help us with all our funnel woes. 

22-52. Reasons 22 through 52 of the 67 reasons why missing Funnel Hacking Live was a HUGE mistake account for the 30 open round table discussion with 2 Comma Club winners at the evening extravaganza. Not only did they feed us again… which later Russell told us cost $180,000… but 30 of the most successful Click Funnels users, people who’ve build huge empires, hosted a round table discussion. We all walked the room and sat at tables with these experts. We asked them questions, dug into their genius, and picked up on many golden lessons. Anybody who didn’t come to this was absolutely CRAZY! There they were, the superstars, ready for our questions. Happy to open up their vaults of knowledge and help us on our journey.

53. On the way out of the Round Table event, I got to meet Russell’s mom. She’s the nicest lady, so kind, so generous, and it seems to me, enormously proud if still a little unsure as to why her son is such a rock star celebrity to all of us. This was a big highlight for me.

54. Day 3 began with the unforgettable master of the science of selling and closing, Myran Golden. He taught several BIG lessons including… how to master “persuasion” with the Elapse—Collapse Paradox… how to sever time from money… how to shift our focus to the MOST important things… how to stop being a “hard-aholic”… how to look for and find better business leverage… how to utilize “emotional cooperation persuasion”… how to learn to make ourselves FEEL like doing the hard things… and how to achieve mastery in all we do. It was a whole semester course in 30 minutes!!

55. Master copywriter and the creator of Funnel Scripts, Jim Edwards, followed Myran Golden. He came out in a HUGE full-body unicorn suite and got us both super excited and super emotional with his powerful stories of failure and “true” success. His presentation was like a perfectly crafted sales letter. But what he sold was not a product, but a big WHY. The WHY of being business owners and funnel hackers. So we can make a difference in the world. So we can help and heal others. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as he told about how he was able to help his son-in-law’s platoon get the life saving gear they couldn’t afford. It saved his son-in-law’s life… literally. 

56. Yara Golden taught us how email is NOT dead, and how most marketers relationships with their audiences are deal, which makes their email marketing as limp as a boned fish. 

57. The GREAT Brendon Burchard next gave the first of his 2 talks. This one was a short 30-minute nitty-gritty presentation about his ultra-successful 7 Day Launch strategy. This strategy session was worth the entire trip, and many thousands more! I can’t wait to try out this awesome strategy. 

58. Julie Stoin, ClickFunnels ROCK STAR next taught us her Funnel Agency Secrets. It’s one of the most fascinating and eye opening strategies I’ve seen for starting from scratch, like she did, and getting your own agency up and running and reaching $1M, then $2M, then much more in just a couple years. This was another session that was worth the WHOLE trip! It is her “Done for you Funnel Agency” strategy. I’m thinking this strategy is the way forward for me, at least, in part. One BIG takeaway was… “Facebook is not for FUN… it’s for DOING BUSINESS.” She’s given me the courage to get over myself and my fear of going live on my personal Facebook profile. 

59. Russell’s “8 Secret Indicators” talk on Friday evening was nothing short of monumental. I’ve mentioned that already, but I mention it again because he didn’t do his presentation alone. Rather than be the All Star himself, he brought up 8 of his ClickFunnels All Stars and took the coach’s back seat while his All Stars taught us, inspired us, and helped us see how we truly are just “one funnel away.” Then, he finished the lineup with his masterpiece live webinar and offer for the 2 Comma Club Coaching Program. The table rush was intoxicating! 

60. Day 3 ended with a panel discussion. 8 of the 2 Comma Club Coaching Program members came on stage and answered questions about what the coaching has been like. It was certainly part of the strategy to sign up more attendees in the program. But, it was also very inspiring to hear story after story of how these people had gone from ground zero to the amazing success they have now.

61. During one of the breaks, I ran into 3 influencers I admire. I shook hands and chatted briefly with Stu McLaren and Pete Vargas. Then I ran into Brendon Burchard. He was so nice and stopped to have a full on chat with me. I was so impressed at how down to earth and genuinely “nice” and interested he was in me. So kind of him.

62. The final day began with Garrett White of Wakeup Warrior. Wow! That dude is a force to be reckoned with! I’ve never seen someone hold a crowd in stunned silence for such an extended period of time. He’s a very polarizing character. But her certainly left an impact on us all. It was truly inspiring!

63. Myran Golden and Russell Brunson returned to the stage to teach us about the Law of Advancement. It was the final chance to get into the 2 Comma Club Coaching Program, and so it was basically another sales pitch. But they gave us SUCH good value, it was worth hearing their pitch again, just to glean all the additional lessons they taught. The lesson of the mother eagle was unforgettable.

64. After lunch, we came back to our seat and received another gift from the ClickFunnels team. It was a packet of Pruvit Ketone powder. I’ve heard Russell talk about it a ton, but never tried it. It’s pretty expensive. I tried it the next morning and loved it. Gotta get a bunch of that stuff!

65. Brendon Burchard’s keynote 90-minute presentation about the 6 Habits of High Performers. What a master he is. He focused everything around 3 questions. Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter? His stories were super engaging. His teaches were so perfectly applicable to a room full of high achievers. And we felt his message on an emotional level that really stuck with me.

66. By the 4th day, everyone was so ready to work together and find other service providers in the room to form partnerships with. I walked away with 5 new clients!! Our eyes were opened to see that everyone we need to succeed was right there in the room. One of my neighbors in the room was a 2 Comma Club winner. He noticed my “Copywriter” sign on my name badge and was excited to get my contact info. We’ve been in touch this week and have some projects lining up. I’m SO excited to work with this rock star! And it was the unique atmosphere in the conference that made our connection possible.

67. I went to dinner with one of my new friends, Dani. She’s an amazing funnel builder. We started putting together our plans for world domination! It was SO MUCH FUN! To have a good friend like Dani who’s an expert at what she does, and who’s excited to work with my expertise, to put our heads together and see all the great things we can do together, this was the real hallmark takeaway from the the conference. So many of us boot strap entrepreneurs thing we can do it all on our own. And sure, we can, but it will take MUCH longer. When we work together, we speed up our progress and success, as well as the success of others. It’s a powerful combination I’m starting to get addicted to. 

So, there you have it. If you missed Funnel Hacking Live this year, I hope I’ve shown you just how much you missed. Not to poke at you, but to help you see that you really MUST come next year. 

Tickets are on sale now at a discount. But the discount goes away soon. 

I’m not an affiliate at all. Just an advocate. 

This is one of the most exciting movements I know of in the online business realm. You’ve just GOTTA come and see for yourself. You won’t regret it. Invest in yourself. Come and see. And be transformed in the process.


Have a great day, and may your copy every be melodic and harmonious!