7 Notes that Birthed the Entire Galaxy-Far-Far-Away Empire

7 Notes that Birthed an Entire Galaxy-Far-Far-Away Empire.jpg

It's not until that scene with the two setting suns in Star Wars, Episode 4, "A New Hope" that anybody really cares about Luke Skywalker.

Before that scene, he's mostly just a whiny teenager who'd rather hang with his friends at the local Mos Eisley watering hole.

He mopes, he moans, he complains. He gives his aunt an uncle a hard time for making him help on the farm.

How on earth did George Lucas think we were gonna like this guy?

And then there was that was a hint of mystery with his father. He kept asking his uncle about him and being shut down. Sure, his uncle didn't want to make, what he felt like was a big mistake... telling him too much about his father to save him from becoming just like him.

That planted a seed in your mind and you started to want to know more too, just like Luke did.

Other than that little tid bit, Luke's character is not all that deep and interesting.

And then after finishing his chores and moping some more around his workshop, he goes and stands in front of double setting suns where the real MOVIE MAGIC happens.

And it starts with just 7 little notes on a french horn.

Just 7 notes that launch the entire Star Wars EMPIRE (sorry, couldn't help the pun).

It starts quiet, with those first 7 French Horn notes. Then they turn into 9 more notes. Then the full orchestra swells with 20 final climactic notes as the wind blows through Luke's hair and you feel, for the first time, the depth of passion, of purpose, of yearning, of desire, of destiny inside of him.

Without that "inner" look at Luke's heart of hearts, you never would have felt the kind of emotion you feel when you heart that simple and utterly profound melody.

Many things that make that first Star Wars movie work... but without that special music... it would have just been a semi-interesting outer-space battle instead of the highly emotionally charged SAGA it is.

Yes, George Lucas is a great storyteller. Yes, the new tricks they used to film all the cool outer-space stuff was revolutionary.

But the heart of the story gets delivered to you through the MUSIC... composed by the mega rockstar John Williams.

Your business is no different.

You're the George Lucas of your business. You bring together all the different elements to create your masterpiece and earn a profit to support your family.

But what is the heart of your business? What is the soundtrack? The 7-notes, like the "Force Theme" you hear when Luke watches the double setting suns?

That's what you're going to hear about in Episode #1 of my podcast, which launches in 9 days!

"The Music of Copywriting Podcast" finally goes live on Wednesday, August 14th.

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And may the copywriting force be with you... always!

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