The Beatles school you in this fatal email mistake

The Beatles school you in this fatal email mistake.jpg

There are a few fatal flaws when it comes to writing emails to your audience.

Even the Beatles sang about this on one of their final albums, "Let It Be."

But if you're making this ugly email mistake, you won't have to do much to fix it.

In fact, just noticing this problem will help you repeatedly get better at writing the kinds of emails that get opened, read all the way through, and that lead your readers to take action.

If you've made this mistake, don't worry. It's not your fault. Your "email success secrets" shoulder-angel didn't swoop in to save the day just because you decided you wanted to join an MLM, offer online courses, or start a membership.

You can easily do what one of my clients did when I drew their attention to this mistake.

They were the lead distributor of Hyland's Teething Tablets for a while, but their emails weren't getting the kind of response they wanted.

We did a few things to fix this, but one of the biggies was to apply the lesson the Beatles were singing about in their song...

"I Me Mine"

And that was the fatal flaw... they kept talking all about themselves instead of their customers.

And since nowadays your customer is getting about a BAGILLION emails a day... they’re SUPER sharp about deleting stuff that doesn't answer the questions...

"What's in it for me?"

You could keep writing emails the way the big-box stores do and get deleted on site...

Or, you can join the Beatles in bemoaning the "I Me Mine" voice most email marketers write in and be the hero!

That's exactly what happened with Hyland's. We started selling 10s and 20s and 50s, and eventually hundreds and hundreds of these teething tablets a day...

All from email.

If you'd like to improve your email marketing, I can probably help you.

Let's set up a 15-minute call and I'll tell you 3 more things you can do that MOST email marketers never think to do, that can get you more response right away.

And if you're happy with what you hear, we can talk about working together.

Here's the link where you can sign up for your free 15-minute chat with me.

Hasta la vista!

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