A Beginner's Success Secret Veterans Often Forget, To Their Cost

_A fiery, good beginner always stands higher than a master in mediocrity._ (1).jpg

Is beginner's luck for real?

I don't think so.

Many beginners have something often forgotten or forsaken by experienced practitioners.

Not in every case.

But in many cases.

Beginners who are pumped up, who are filled with enthusiasm, who are ready to throw caution to the wind and go ALL IN on their new-found path...

These are the kind of beginners I'm talking about.

These types of beginners often have an "it" factor.

Something many of their older, wiser, and much more experienced heroes sometimes lose in their grandeur and high self-regard.

Robert Schumann, master composer from the early Romantic era (mid-1800s), and mentor to Johannes Brahms, the worthy successor to Beethoven's throne, had this to say about these types of beginners...

"A fiery, good beginner always stands higher than a master in mediocrity."

Often the veteran forgets what got them where they are. They begin to coast. They stop challenging themselves. They get complacent, then repetitive, then boring.

If they're not careful, their fire will get snuffed out.

But a fiery beginner is FULL of the flames of discovery.

Nothing, not even the most outrageous failure will stop them from running pale male into the fray, come what may.

Do you have the fire?

Have you lost it?

I'm still pretty wet behind the ears as a copywriter.

But I've got that roaring fire in my belly. 

I'm ready to try and fail and try and fail and try again and again.

That may terrify you if you're considering hiring me or someone like me to write for you.

But I'll go toe to toe with any veteran writer when it comes to fire.

I'm like a feral dog who won't stop scratching at that door until he finds a way to break through and get to the bone on the other side.

"My head is bloody but unbowed." (Invictus by William Ernest Henley)

That's not a good match for some business owners. 

I get it.

But it could mean a smash hit for you. Because I won't give in until I get that bone.

So if you want a new pet copywriter to run wild with, I'm your pal.

Give me a whistle... www.SymphonicCopywriting.com/contact

May your copy every be melodic and harmonious!