If your launch went belly-up, this is probably why

If Your Launch Went Belly-Up, This Is Probably Why.jpg

You spent all that time...

... all that effort...

... all those late nights...

... and your online course launch, or your membership launch ended up like a beached whale.

What a waste. And how frustrating to see your friends in your favorite Facebook "launch" group making thousand, or even tens of thousands, while you're stuck with a pile of wreckage that took months to create and yielded 0 results.

You may have even thought to yourself...

...or said out-loud...

... "What did I get myself into? Was this all a scam? Did So-And-So guru who sold me their method on how to create and launch online courses or membership sites pull one over on me?"

"Maybe I'm just not cut out to be an entrepreneur."

Or worse, did you skeptical spouse give you one of those looks... or one of those lectures about flim-flam and online snake oil salesmen... or blame you for wasting all kinds of money on some crazy idea... "I knew it wasn't going to work..."

Thanks a lot.

But here's the thing.

It's probably not your fault.

You DO have something unique to bring to the world.

You DO have a voice, talents, skills, experience.

There ARE people out there waiting to hear your voice and get your help.

The problem is... the "guru" who taught you how to create your online course or membership either DIDN'T teach you this ONE, most crucial part about selling your course or membership.

Or, if they did mention it, they didn't harp on it enough to really get your attention and make you focus on this.

Because without this ONE THING, you should even start creating your course.

Without this ONE THING, you shouldn't even start outlining your course.

Without this ONE THING, even your efforts to build a list will fall flat.

What is this ONE THING?


If you can't identify how what you're offering your people is a new opportunity, you're dead in the water.

Your idea is not unique.

It's not even worth testing.

Here are a few examples:

"Eat less and exercise more to become healthy."

"Spend less and save more to become wealthy."

These are NOT new opportunities.

They're the biggest over-beaten dead horses ever.

You need something truly new, truly unique.

Russel Brunson, the CEO of ClickFunnels said:

"If I can get someone to TRULY believe that the new opportunity is the key to what they want the most, and they can only get it through my vehicle, then they have no other options but to buy."

Your vehicle is your course or membership or whatever "thing" you're offering people.

But how is it unique? How is it different at solving the problems they've tried to solve by buying solution after solution, but with no success?

If you haven't spent SIGNIFICANT time thinking about and understanding this ONE THING that you have to offer... the truth is... you'll never succeed the way you want to.

You may get a few tiny reactions... maybe even a sale or two.

But that's it.

So, what's your ONE THING?

I'd love to hear.

Give it some thought. As much thought as a rockstar working on the precise riffs and chords and lyrics they'll use to hook their listeners in a heartbeat.

When you find it, you'll be... "goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!"

Rock on!

The #CopyComposer

PS - Really, I want to hear all about your ONE THING.

What is it?

Drop me a line and let me know.


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