Broadway Star Kicks the Crap Out of B.S.O. Business Owners

Are you suffering from B.S.O.???

If you are, you have something my Broadway star little brother and all his musical theater friends never let distract them for a single minute. More about my musical theater friends and siblings in a sec.

Many business owners have contracted B.S.O.... especially the kind who think they need one more mastermind to solve all their problems. Or a couple more courses will solve their biggest issues. 

I've been stuck in this B.S.O. cycle myself... it's hard to avoid. All these B.S.O. marketers are pretty persuasive. And the more you learn about being a good marketer, the more it seems (or maybe this is just me...) you're alert to the powerful persuasion used by other marketers and "accidentally" infected as a result.

"Crap... I bought another course? When an I ever gonna get through this one, let alone the stack of 9 other courses I bought over the last 3 months?"

What is this B.S.O. disease?

Bright Shiny Object syndrome.

What happens when you fall victim to this ladder-day online leprosy? Well, you skin doesn't peel and you don't start losing fingers here and there... "Is this your finger?" (Couldn't help a little 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves').

Rather, you start leaving little bits of your brain here and there. You split yourself more than Voldemort with all his Horcruxes. 

And when you get this epidemic brain leprosy, what's the first thing to go?


And when you lose focus, you lose sight of your goals.

And when you lose sight of your goals, you destroy your strategy.

And when your strategy goes out the window, your purpose follows... and then you start questioning your meaning in life.

And that really sucks. I've been there enough to recognize the symptoms. 

I bet you're familiar with these symptoms too.

Which is why I've invited my brother, Jeff Pew, who's currently part of the original cast of the hit Broadway musical "Frozen" to join me on an upcoming episode of my new podcast, "The Music of Copywriting."

I want you to hear Jeff's story because he is FILLED with the most potent antidote to Bright Shiny Object syndrome.

He's been a source of constant inspiration to me as I've watched him rise through the ranks of the punishing musical theater profession. 

Now... the podcast has not yet launched. But it will VERY soon! (AAHH, I'm so EXCITED!!)

This Wednesday, August 14th, the needle drops and the first several episodes go live!

I'm running a little "giveaway" contest to spread the word. Will you help me?

If you share the podcast in a social media post or email, you'll be entered to win a 1-hour copywriting or marketing consultation with me, which is a $300 value. 

All you've gotta do is click this link and follow the instructions for sharing.

Thanks for your help! I can't wait for you to meet my brother Jeff on an upcoming episode of the new podcast. 

And if you're in NY, head over to Broadway to catch his show.

Break a leg!

The #CopyComposer