New (fill-in-the-blank) Gets You Compliments Galore!

New (fill-in-the-blank) Gets You Compliments Galore!.jpg

"Magic words" sounds a little far fetched.

A little like stretching the truth.

Or stretching reality.

The real truth is, there are some combinations of words that do stretch, and rightly so, to the rank of "magic."

But it's not any specific words that turn to magic.

It's the magic of how these make your prospect think and feel.

When using "good" and "effective" advertising methods, your words have 3 possible effects on your prospect.

First, your words tell the prospect what you product or service is.

Second, your words tell the prospect what your product or service does

The third effect is little understood and little used by those who understand it.

It's understanding that what other people say about you, think about you, do for you...

How others admire you, envy you, imitate you...

Because of what my product or service will accomplish for you.

Because of the transformation your product or service will do for me... people think more of me!

This kind of advertising carries a "prestige factor." 

It taps the need and desire we all have... whether we admit it or not... for status, or recognition, or words of affirmation.

Any business can apply this kind of "prestige factor" psychology into their headlines or email subject lines by remembering a simple 8-letter formula invented by Vic Schwab.

Vic Schwab taught his secret formula in his MUST READ book... "must read" for anyone who uses advertising to sell products... that's you!

This "must read" is called "How To Write An Advertisement: A Short Course In Copywriting."

Schwab's 8-letter formula is actually it's an acronym.

B.O.Y. P.T. M.O.M.




In other words... because of you (Mr. or Mrs. advertiser) and your product or service, and what it does for me... people think more of me (the reader). 

My reputation improves. I'm seen as more prestigious, or more professional, or more desirable.

It sounds awfully vain... but every one of us wants to be recognized and loved. So why not word your ads to hit this important "status nerve"?

Let's say you're a hairdresser. You could say... New hair cut gets you looks everywhere you go!

How about a car dealer. New sports car gets you girls galore!

What about a gym for new moms? New workout gets moms asking... how many kids do you have?!

So give some thought to what your product or service does for people.

What's the benefit?

And then take one more step and ask... "what's the benefit of the benefit?"

For the lady who gets a new hair cut, she gets the benefit of looking younger and more beautiful... and the benefit of that is... she catches the eye of more eligible guys.

For the buyer of a new sports car, he gets an awesome new car... and the benefit of that is... he gets a bunch of new phone numbers from hot girls at the bar.

And the new mom at the gym? She gets her body back... and one of the many benefits of that is... other moms can hardly believe she's had 3 babies and can still look as good as she does.

Find a way to use B.O.Y. P.T. M.O.M. as often as you can.

And if you need a little help... give me a buzz... I can help you find that secret sauce in your marketing that will tap the "prestige factor" in your prospects.

You can reach me at

May your copy ever be melodic, harmonious, and full of the kind of benefits of benefits that help your prospect feel better about themselves.