Copywriter's Girl Pops the Question

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Most emails are so boring…

They drone on about this product or that event coming up…

Bla, bla, BlaBlaBla...

Aren’t these Email Melodramas so much more fun?

I’d MUCH rather get sucked into a story then read yet ANOTHER droning promotional email.

Have you been thinking about your story and how telling it can help you with an upcoming launch or campaign?

Meanwhile… back in our little Pew Family Email Melodrama… today’s episode centers around our heroine, who catches her unassuming boyfriend (that’s me 🙂) off guard. His jaw hits the floor and he nearly falls out of his seat.

With just 9 off-hand words over a Cup-a-Noodles, she hijacks his heart and bewitches him, body and soul.

Check it out...


Email #3 of 18

Subject: How I beat my husband to it and popped the question before he could

It was Thursday, the last day of the Fall Semester, December 2002.

Doug walked me home from school and stayed a while to have some lunch.

We'd been dating a grand total of two and a half weeks.

As he sat and slurped his Cup-a-Noodles, I got up to grab something from the fridge.

Standing there, I turned and heard myself say 9 words that I hadn't expected to come out of my

"So, are you thinkin' you wanna marry me?"





"Um, wow...I,, I hadn't even thought about it." He said.

"Oh, okay. I was just wonderin'..." I said with a bounce.

Well, that sure slowed our conversation down to a screeching halt. I didn't even mean it seriously. I was kind of joking.

Did I ruin this good thing? Did I put my foot too far into my mouth, as usual?

I felt right about it from the start, which I guess is why it tumbled out like that.

The next day Doug came by my apartment before making his way to the airport. He was heading home to California for the winter holidays.

I've always expressed myself better in writing. So I stayed up late the night before writing him a long love letter.

I gave it to him, said my goodbyes, and told him not to read it until he was on the plane.

Later he told me that he'd been planning to read the recently released paperback of Harry Potter, book 4. But all he could do was read my letter over and over again.

That little question--those 9 words--had started him thinking seriously.

"Maybe I do want to marry this girl...?!?!"

We talked on the phone every day for hours.

On Christmas Eve, after a long talk, we said to each other, almost in sync..."We need to get married, don't we?"

It was wild. Doug's parents didn't even know he was dating anyone. My parents barely knew I was interested in someone.

Well, that was the start of our adventure.

unnamed (2).jpg

And now we're aching to take another adventure together. This time, we're aiming for Maui!!

We still play lots of music together. But we also work together. Doug's such a great support to my Norwex business. This is why I'm working so hard to earn his trip to Maui so he can join me when I'm there next February.

Mark your calendar because I'm throwing the Sale of the Year to get Doug to Maui.

So, Monday, June 25th, starting at 6 a.m., you can get 35% Off ANY and ALL Norwex catalog items.

But the sale will only last until Midnight that night, mountain time.

I've set up a special "Honeymoon to Maui" list for all those who want to take advantage of this ENORMOUS sale.

Click the link below and enter your email address so you won't miss a thing. I'll make sure you
don't forget when the 25th comes.


Thanks so much for helping me make this dream a reality!

Have a great germ-free day!


P.S. "Wait, what? We came all the way to Paris, and we can't go to the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower?!?! That's ridiculous!!!" Doug was SO mad.

More tomorrow…


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