My Big Copywriting "Cover-Up"

My Big Copywriting _Cover-Up_.jpg

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

No, nothing illegal.

But I’m seeing more and more that storytelling... good storytelling... can cover up all kinds of mistakes and writing boo-boos.

Going back through these 18 emails that got us our Maui trip makes me cringe a little.

It’s kind of like going back and looking at old pieces of music I've written.

There are lots of good things. But there’s a lot that could have been better.

I suppose that like in the craft of music composition, looking back and cringing a little is a good thing in copywriting too.

It means I’m getting better and better at the craft. And that’s a lifelong process in every type of writing.

(Ok, why is Doug telling me about cringe-worthy copy he’s written? I thought he was trying to show me that he was a GOOD copywriter…?)

Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

And where did I start? 

My first real copywriting project was a series of daily emails that helped grow my wife’s Norwex biz. In about 6 months her income grew from $500 or $600 a month up to about $4,000 a month. 

Not bad… even for a newbie! 

My second real copywriting project was this series of 19 emails that got us our trip to Maui.

So, why am I telling you all this?

To brag?

Ok… maybe a little… haha! 

“Oh… stop it some more…” as my opera singer friends would say when the applause begins.

No, but really. I’m trying to show you that even though I was just getting started and making all kinds of mistakes, I was getting results. 

Really good results.

It was the storytelling. The Email Melodrama method I started developing.

I mean, even a birth defect in our 3rd child… which could be very sad if I chose to spin it that way… turned into a really strong link in the Get-Us-To-Maui Email Melodrama chain.

Check it out...


Email #9 of 18

Subject: Quick, I think your baby’s choking

“O my gosh, is she okay? It sounds like she can’t breathe?”

This was the reaction we got over and over when we first started to bring our 3rd little baby out into public.

You know how with your first baby when you finally get them home and in their own crib, you’re super worried that you can’t hear them breathe?

Maybe you’re not as paranoid as we are. I was so worried with our first baby. I kept thinking she’d stopped breathing in her sleep or something.

We had the exact opposite problem with baby Corynne.

Every breath she took, she made a loud squeaking noise. All. Through. The. Night.


It was like living in the bizarro baby world. Everyone’s always hoping their baby will sleep through the night so they can sleep too. But in our case, when she slept, she kept us awake with all her noise making. It was so weird.

The doctor told us she had an odd little defect called Laryngomalacia (pronounced La-rin-jal-ma-LAY-sia).

It’s when a baby is born with an extra flap of skin in their windpipe that flaps around every time they breathe.

Basically, I gave birth to a little mini pipe organ…

It was kind of like that song by Sting and the Police, we could always tell where she was…

Every breath you take
Every move you make
I’ll be “hearing” you squeak like a little crazy chipmunk 24/7/365!

It took quite a while, but she finally grew out of it.

unnamed (16).jpg

Right about that same time I found out that I was going to have to be husband-less for 9 months straight.

And I thought I knew what a “challenge” was…

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…” God seemed to say to me.

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Talk to you tomorrow!

Have a great germ-free day!



I’m not the world’s best email copywriter. Far from it.

But I get results. 

Good ones. 

And if you have a shred of an interesting story, I know how to milk it for all it’s worth.

If I can make a baby’s birth defect interesting, imagine what I can do with your story!

Give me a ring. Let’s start telling your story and singing your customer’s tune.

Here’s where you can get a hold of me:

And may your copy ever be melodic and harmonious!