"Dad, is that you on Amazon?"

Why yes, daughter... 'tis I, thy father... on Amazon... with my first published book.

Ok, yeah, it's a self published Kindle book.

But hey, my 8-year-old is impressed! That's good enough in my book.

Little does she know the gems hidden within, especially for anyone wanting to get better results from their emails.

The book's called "Email StorySelling Secrets: How to Write Email Story Sequences that Intoxicate Your Audience Like a Hit TV Show."

It's the story of how my wife and I won a trip to Maui through her MLM business with nothing but email. It has transcripts of all the emails we used, plus an analysis of each. In addition to all that is the strategy we used to launch the promotion that won us our trip to Maui (which we took this past February).

I forgot, there's also a story email template which can come in handy.

Actually, it's this kind of email writing that helped me get the attention of Ray Edwards, Mike Stelzner, and more recently, Grant Cardone's VP of sales. I'll save the Grant Cardone story for another day.

I used to offer this little book... which is really a mini-course in email storytelling... as a freebie download on my website, but I decided to make it my first "Bookmercial."

"Bookmercial" is a term I heard about from his villainous highness, master Ben Settle.

It's a book you publish to give yourself some credibility in a given area.

Since I'm an email specialist, it seems like a great book to use for this purpose.

So, many of you already got this for free a while back. I hope it's been helpful!

But I wanted to let you know that it's now officially for sale on Amazon as a Kindle book.

If you decide you want to get the Kindle version, I'll make you a deal.

If you purchase it and leave me a review, I'll do an email critique for your business for free.

Just purchase your copy for $3.98, have a read, and write a review. Then, just take a screenshot of your review and email it to me at doug@douglaspew.com along with an email you'd like me to critique.

Please paste this text into the subject line so I don't miss anything...

TRADE: a review for a critique

Here's the link one more time.

"Email StorySelling Secrets: How to Write Email Story Sequences that Intoxicate Your Audience Like a Hit TV Show."

Get it while it's hot!


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