"Do I Get A Trophy For This?"

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Something my 5-year-old said last week has been on my mind.

7 simple words that can blast a crater in the soul of “progress."

It reminds me of a mind-trap we all fall into.

A mind-trap that can easily derail us or stop our forward motion.

This kind of derailment happens to everyone, but it seems to be more prevalent thanks to Social Media.

The more time I spend on Social Media, the more I realize how often I fall into this mind-trap.

Sometimes it takes getting tripped up in this kind of mind-trap to realize how damaging Social Media can be, if you let it.

Yes, Social Media is an excellent tool for all sorts of reasons.

But it’s also a tool of that evil one… you know… the one with horns, a forked tongue, and pitchfork… the father of procrastination… the emperor of self-aggrandizement…

No, I’m not talking about Satan.

I’m talking about Resistance.

And resistance is our kryptonite, especially if we are a creative person.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a copywriter, a marketer, a musician, a business owner, an artist… you’re a creative.

Back to my 5-year-old…

At the end of her advanced gymnastics practice at the local gym, her teacher told me some of the hilarious things she'd said while working on the balance beam.

One of them was…

“I’m doing so good at balancing! Do I get a trophy for this?”

Her teacher laughed and assured her that yes, at the end of the season, all the girls would get a trophy.

But the life-lesson didn’t pass me by.

It’s been a week, and I can’t get this off my mind.

Like the rest of our Norwex friends who were with us in Maui, we shared about our trip on Social Media and what a great accomplishment it was.

All of that is true and good, for sure. But I started seeing more clearly the dopamine hit we all get with every “like” and “share” and “comment.” 

It’s as if every little thing we do in life turns into a question in our minds… “do I get a trophy for this?”

Facebook says… “YES!” All your friends will tell you how amazing you are and they will be jealous of all your success. (Yikes!)

Resistance says… “YES!” Keep checking your phone every 3.2 seconds. You don’t want to miss a single comment or like or share. It will keep you so distracted that you’ll never get anything done. You won’t progress. And I’ll get to eat your creative brain for lunch… YUM!

Of course, there are all kinds of resistance and trophies.

But is that your WHY?

Or is there something bigger you’re working towards?

Something more worthwhile?

Something that will change the lives of others for the better?

That’s the real trophy. Seeing the real change for the better you, your products, your services, and all you offer… even on Social Media… can improve the lives of others.

It starts with a simple mind-shift… a leap out of the mind-trap.

Then… it needs to appear in all your words. The words that come out of your mouth. The words on your website, in your Facebook ads, in your sales messages, in your emails.

And that’s copy.

So… copy can either be kryptonite (if you use your copy to bring attention to yourself).

Or… copy can be like life-giving mana from heaven. It can feed your customers. It can sing their tune. It can help lead them to green pastures. To better lives. To more wealth. More health. Better relationships.

How’s your copy?

Is the copy your trophy?

Or are the lives your changing?

To get some help with your copy… to make sure it’s the right kind of copy… and not the kryptonite kind… I can help.

Hit me up for a critique or for some help with new copy. 

You can reach me at www.SymphonicCopywriting.com/contact

Have a good one! And may your copy ever be melodic, harmonious, and empowering to those who read and hear it.