Don't Bother Hiring Me If...

Don't bother hiring me if....jpg

I can’t help every business.

My services are not for everyone.

Especially not for businesses who aren’t willing.

You know, those businesses who aren’t willing to do the one thing that will actually give them proof that my copy works or doesn’t work.

Here’s a little secret… come closer…

Your opinion doesn’t matter.

And guess what else… my opinion doesn't matter.

I’m starting to see just how many business owners are terrified of this one thing.

It’s funny really… because as soon as they tell me they’re worried my copy won’t work…

I get excited!

Because most business owners are too close to their products or services to see their fatal flaws.

Most of them “think” they know what will get their customer’s attention and get the email opened.

Most of them are too soft… too gentle… to scared to rock the boat a little.

I don’t blame them.

It’s only human to have a little fear when it comes to a new kind of strategy in their business.

When they tell me… “um, I’m not so sure about this… that’s a little much…”

… I start jumping up and down because I know it’s going to get their audience's attention.

That’s exactly what happened when I wrote the 20-day email sequence that won my wife and I a trip to Maui.

She was like… “um… hon… I don’t know about this…”

She wasn’t willing… at first… to do what most of the businesses I don’t want to work with aren’t willing to do.

And what is that?

They’re not willing to test the copy. Test the emails. Test the Facebook ads.

I’m well aware that my copy hasn’t been ordained by the direct-response gods to magically flood your bank account with sales.

But I’m also well aware that neither your opinion or my opinion is the opinion that matters in these situations.

It’s the market’s opinion that matters.

And nobody hits the bull’s eye with the first arrow.

So you write and you test and you write and you test and so on.

If you’re not willing to test my copy. Well, we can still be friends. But, don’t hire me.

It’s a waste of my time. It’s a waste of your time.

I’d rather you went and found some other copywriter who’ll write you super vanilla copy that will blend in with the heap of emails or Facebooks ads your customers get bombarded with every day.

Go for it! Best of luck to you!

And really, no hard feelings. But don’t even bother reaching out.

On the other hand, if you’re really ready to shake things up and test out some new ideas on your tired audience… I’m ready to put my ideas to the test, if you are.

Just a few weeks ago I did this with a BIG NAME client. He has over 35,000 people on his list. But we needed to shake things up a bit.

So we shook it up with some major attention-getting emails… and… he got 3 times the sales for one of his launches then he had the previous time he launched.

I even thought I had taken it too far with these emails.

But he was willing to test them out.

And the result? 3x in sales.

If that sounds like fun, let’s jam.

Send me a private message or hit me up at

Have a good one!