Email Launch Secrets of a Nearly Bereaved Parent

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Drawing a lesson about email marketing from a near bereavement seems strange, and possibly overly irreverent. 

But since it’s MY near bereavement story, I don’t feel I’m being indelicate in sharing.

In fact, sometimes the really messy parts of life teach us the best lessons. The kinds of lessons that apply to all sorts of different situations.

We sat in the hospital with our 3-week old baby wondering if this would be the last week of her life.

It was beyond terrifying.

We were absolutely paralyzed with fear.

What in the “H” “E” double-hockey-sticks does this have to do with the secrets of email launching?

I’ll spell it out in just a minute.

First, let me share the 2nd to last email that got us to Maui.

With only 5 hours and 59 minutes to go in our HUGE Get-Us-To-Maui-Super-Sale, we were starting to wonder if we’d make it.

We were only half way to our goal, but the sale was entering the home stretch.

We were on the edge of our seat with fear and anticipation.


Well, you’ll see...


Day #14, email #8 – OPEN CART DAY
(#17 of 18 storytelling emails)
6:01pm to special Maui notification list only

Subject: Our first brush with baby bereavement

When Baby #5 came along, we once again could not seem to agree on a name.

This happens every time.

Doug had a little sister who was stillborn. Her name is Katherine Renee. Renee for Doug’s mom.

He’d always wanted to name one of ours after her. So we decided on the name Katherine Janae.

About 3 weeks after her birth, she got really, really sick. She had a bad cold and could hardly breathe.

Early one scary morning, her little chest was working so hard to get air that we decided to take her to the ER.

She had RSV and had to be transferred to a special pediatric unit at a nearby hospital.

The doctor told us that because she was so little, she couldn’t clear out her own throat or lungs by coughing. She was likely to get quite a bit worse before she got better.

We spent 5 long days and nights with her in the hospital, her poor little eyes looking at us through her breathing unit as if to say…"Mommy, what’s wrong with me? Why am I stuck with this awful mask on?”

unnamed (14).jpg

We didn’t know what to expect. We’d never had a baby this sick. We started wondering if we’d jinxed ourselves by naming our baby after Doug’s sister who had died.

On day 4, her X-ray showed that she was getting pneumonia. Normally this would be terrifying. But in this case, it was a huge blessing.

Up to this point, there was no medicine they could give her. She had a virus. Couldn’t do a thing except help her breath.

But now, with a pneumonia diagnosis, they could push an antibiotic. And that’s what helped her turn the corner and get better.

We’re so thankful we didn’t lose our sweet baby Katherine. Our minds had sped ahead several weeks and we had, perhaps over dramatically, imagined a little coffin and all kinds of terrible images of ourselves in serious despair.

But our many prayers were answered and she got better. She’s now 16 months old and is THE sweetest baby ever. She wants to look at everyone and get a smile out of them. And she’s got a perfect score. Nobody can resist her. She’s such a blessing!

And you know what, so are YOU!

You are such a blessing in my life. You have changed my life. I care so much about you. I think about you. I think about how I can help you more. How I can help your family save money and live a cleaner more chemical and toxin-free life.

I’m so glad you can take advantage of our “Get Us to Maui” Super 35% Off sale.

There are only 6 hours left. Don’t miss this great chance to make your home safer with these great products.

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THANK YOU to those who have placed orders so far…


We’re now only 6,451 points away!

We’ll let you know how close we are in a few more hours.

Have a great germ-free day!



I’ve never experienced anything as scary as nearly losing a child, except maybe nearly losing my wife. 

Not too far down the list of other “scary” moments are the final hours of a launch.

Will it work?

Was all the time and energy wasted?

Are we just idiots with crazy, unreachable goals?

Those final hours of the sale, kinda like those terrifying days in the hospital taught us an important lesson about life and launches.

It ain’t over ’till it’s over!

We decided to trust the doctors and God with our baby’s life. Come what may.

We decided to trust the twin powers of storytelling and scarcity with our sale. And the real truth is, people wait until the last minute to take advantage of a big promotion. It's ALWAYS the same. It's terribly annoying and frustrating sometimes, but that's just human nature... to procrastinate until the bitter end. Hance, all the emails on the last day :)

Though the amount of true agony between these 2 situations really doesn’t compare in the grand scheme of things… Why not take a few lessons from a real-life situation.

We didn’t give up hope and things turned out fine. More than fine!

Baby Katherine is healthy and thriving. And we’re off to Maui in less than 24 hours. WooHoo!!!

Sometimes we need a little hand-holding in these tough moments. 

That’s what I’m here for.

I can only offer moral support if you have a real family tragedy like we nearly did.

But I can be the expert practitioner when it comes to your email launch.

Put your trust in me.

Click this here link and set up a call with me —>>>

The next few days I’ll be busy with sandy beaches and sleeping in…

But as soon as I’m back, let’s talk.

We’ll get you all set and ready to Rock your next email campaign.

Don’t forget, you’re just one storytelling email melodrama away from an influx of converted leads and a flood of sales.