Can Great Copy Cure Emotional Alzheimer's?

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Does someone you know have Alzheimer's?

Have you ever experienced the tragic ‘shutting down’ of a loved one to this crippling disease?

It’s not pretty. It leaves friends and family in a state of hopelessness.

Music and Alzheimers

Dr. Oliver Sacks, M.D., world-famous Neurologist, ran a series of experiments with Alzheimer's patients. He gave them iPod Nano’s full of their favorite music.

The stunning results are incredible. Comatose patients are waking up, talking, singing, and remember details of their past.

The Power of Music - Henry Wakes Up!” is the name of the video on YouTube.

Henry was almost mute and nonverbal when these experiments began. You can see him almost entirely shut down at the 1:50 mark. At the 2:27 mark he wakes up while listening. His face lights up, and his wide eyes are full of life as he sways to his favorite music.

When the music shuts off, the effects linger. At the 3:45 mark, after they remove his headphone, he starts talking and answers all kinds of questions. He remembers specific life events, specific songs, and even sings them word for word.

Dr. Sacks quotes Immanuel Kant as he refers to the power of music, “the quickening art.”

Emotional Alzheimers?

The definition of Alzheimer's is... "a progressive mental deterioration… due to generalized degeneration of the brain.”

I could be wrong, but it seems like many people, young and old, suffer from something like Emotional Alzheimers... "a progressive emotional deterioration due to generalized degeneration of empathy, sincerity, and general care for others.”

I could be a survival mechanism? We see thousands of advertisements, sales pitches, commercials and ads every day. It could be that we shut down our emotional juices to cope with the onslaught content we sift through every day.

I don’t usually notice my own emotions shutting down during the work day as I deal with piles of email, tasks, calls, etc.

I notice it after work when I'm sometimes short with my kids, or lose my temper. It’s like I have an internal switch that needs to flip to bring back my emotions, my empathy, my humanity.

A few weeks ago I noticed this switch flipping on during work. It came on while I was reading a sales letter by Carline Anglade-Cole. Her kick-butt package, “Unlimited Energy” (it’s at the bottom of the page).

She was hitting some big emotional hot buttons. I’ve been working extra hours lately and struggling with fatigue. I found my shut-down emotions “quickening” as I read. By the end of the letter, my emotional switch was in the “on” position.

Can great copy act as a “quickening” art like music does for Henry the Alzheimer’s patient? It seems so. It did for me.

Carline’s copy transformed into the music I needed to hear. It was like acoustic vibrations moving through the air. Like a violin tickling the precise measuring tools of the inner ear. Her copy jump-started my emotions. It was a visceral change, a chemical reaction in my gut. Pretty compelling copy, Carline!

I always knew music could awaken all sorts of shut-off emotional avenues in the brain and heart. I hadn’t experienced the phenomenon with great copy until this experience. Lesson learned!

This is my new goal, to use words in a way that can “quicken” the emotions. I want to send out sympathetic vibrations to my prospects who needs to hear them... who need to have their feelings lit on fire so they can solve the problems that plague them.

Do you want to “quicken” your copy so it can be music to your customer’s ears and emotions?

I’d love to help you do that. Click below and tell me about your prospects. What are they struggling with? What solutions can you offer them? Talk to me. Let’s compose some “quickening” copy together that can bring them the peace of mind they’re looking for.

May your copy every be melodic and harmonious!