"Every move you make... I'll be watching you..."

Every Move You Make... I'll Be Watching You....jpg

If God had an Apple Music or Spotify account… 

(And who knows… Steve Jobs is up there, surely giving technology tips to everyone…)

I think his favorite song would be “Every Breath You Take” by Sting & The Police.

At least, that’s what it felt like when we got a ridiculously clear message from “above” that it was time to move.

Against my will…

Kicking and screaming…



Gnashing of teeth…

Speaking of gnashing teeth, I was going through the rest of these Get-Us-To-Maui Email Melodrama stories this morning and realized I’ve been wrong this whole time.

It wasn’t 19 storytelling emails that got us to Maui, it was only 18.


So today you’re getting #16 out of 18, all about our “every breath you take… every move you make… I’ll be watching you” moment with God which cause a Pew Family Exodus across the country.

What’s really interesting to me is… far from suggesting you become a stocker… as some people interpret this song… there’s a HUGE marketing lesson in Sting’s song.

More on that after I share email#16 out of 18 that got us to Maui. 

Here goes...


Day #14, email #7 – OPEN CART DAY
(16th of 18 story emails)
4:02pm to special Maui notification list only

Subject: The move we never thought we’d make

Never, ever, EVER, did we think we’d live in Utah.

But, sometimes life takes odd twists and turns.

I’m from Utah and I love it here, but Doug is from California and he’s not thrilled with the intermountain west.

Plus, he was having so much fun with his big classical music network in Cincinnati. He was writing a lot of music for churches in the area and doing a lot of professional choir singing.

But in one of those moments in life that hit like a lightning bolt, it was very clear to us both. It was time to move to Utah.

It’s taken Doug quite a while to get over this. We’ve been here almost 2 years now and he’s still not sure he’s convinced.

But it’s been great for our family. Our kids are close to both set of grandparents, like, 15 minutes away. They get to have a lot more extended family time that we ever did before.

We get to play in my father-in-law’s orchestra too, which is really fun.

For me, deciding to become a Norwex consultant right before we moved was a big leap of faith.

Little did I know that just 1 hour away from where we live is one of the best and most successful Norwex consultants in the country.

She’s my age, but she’s literally at the top of the company. And living close to her has been so great. We get to hang out and I get to learn from her all the time. It’s been such a huge blessing!

Without her, I wouldn’t have earned my trip to Maui.

And without you, I won’t be able to earn Doug’s trip.

And we’re getting closer and closer. We’re only 6,887 points away!

We’re only 8 hours away from the end of our “Get Us To Maui” 35% Off Sale which ends at midnight tonight.

I’m so excited for you to get some of these amazing Norwex products that maybe you haven’t been able to get before.

So many of you are getting the mop, and I can understand why. It’s SO great!

THANK YOU to those who have bought since noon…


For those of you who haven’t had a chance to place your orders yet, here’s where you need to go —> [LINK]

Have a great germ-free day!



From one point of view, “Every Breath You Take” does sound a lot like an internet stocker’s theme song.

However, from another point of view, it’s a fantastic marketing lesson.

Rather than YOU spying on your customers… by opening up and sharing your stories you allow THEM to “stock” you.

Not in any strange or “wrong” way. 

But the more you open up, the more your customers get to know, like and trust you.

They even start to hang on your every word, which is exactly what happened with my wife’s customers during our Email Melodrama.

So, maybe turn on some Sting and the Police today and give this some thought.

And when you’re ready to have the wonderful problem of creating many ethical stockers in your prospect and customer base, give me a call.

I can help you write your version of “Every Breath You Take” in the form of an Email Melodrama.

Come jam with me —>>> www.SymphonicCopywriting.com/contact

And may your copy every be melodic, harmonious, and stocker worth!