The Fab-Four's Sgt. Pepper Email Formula

The Fab-Four's Sgt. Pepper Email Formula.jpg

Rolling Stones Magazine named The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” as the greatest album of all time!I won’t go into all the reasons.

Instead, I’ll focus on 2 things marketers and business owners can learn from the Fab-Four’s album. Things that will help you write emails that grab your audience by the eyeballs and make them love reading and buying from you.

Character Based “Nonsense” Emails

One of the many reasons the Beatles were so famous was because they had strong personalities. The weren’t afraid to be themselves. To be goofy. To be silly. To say what they thought. To correct newscasters when they tried to steer conversations. To wear loud colorful clothes. To have strange new haircuts. And on and on.

They were full of character and personality. It came out in their daily lives and it was a huge part of their song writing.

Nobody likes to get boring, corporate sounding emails. Click… trash… click… trash…

Don’t you hate getting tons of junk email? I do.

But I LOVE getting emails from a few of my favorite marketers. I check my inbox first thing every morning to see if they’ve sent me something new.

I’m talking about people like Ben Settle, Laura Belgray, John Carlton, and others. These guys and gals have strong personalities. They aren’t afraid to let it all hang out!

They also have a lot of wisdom to share. But they dress is up in their personality. Wouldn’t you rather read entertaining teachings instead of stuffy wisdom email? I sure would.

The Beatles album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” has some wildly unique, one-off songs.

  • “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds”

  • “For the Benefit of Mr. Kite”

  • “When I’m Sixty-Four”

These are the musical equivalent of great one-off character based emails. The magic of these kinds of songs or emails is, they open up a window into the musician’s or the marketer’s true identity. We LOVE seeing “real” people. Not stuffy, fake, gussied up personas. We want it raw.

That’s why reality shows are so freakin’ popular. We get to see people in their natural habitat. We’re fascinated by this.

Now, don’t just write a freakish character email just for the heck of it. The point of your emails is to sell something. To get your audience to take action. So no matter what wild story you tell, tie it into a Call To Action. Get your people used to taking action. Maybe it’s to buy something. Maybe it’s to click over and watch a video. Maybe it’s to download a freebie.

The point is to get them in the habit of taking action when they read your emails. Then when you sell them something, they’re already used to being asked to “do” something in your emails and you don’t come across as pushy of salesy.

But personality is the way in. It’s the door into their lizard brain. They start to hear the sound of your voice just from reading your emails. You become top of mind to them, just like the Beatles did for an entire generation.

Melodrama Email Sequences

The second big “email marketing” lesson from “Sgt. Pepper” is the Melodrama Email Sequence. Otherwise known as the Soap Opera Email Sequence.

Not only does “Sgt. Pepper” have a bunch of fun quirky songs. It also works together as one big whole. It’s an album you want to listen to all the way through. It’s not just one random song after another. The songs feed into each other like episodes of a reality TV show like 24 or Designated Survivor (which is just 24 with jack Bauer as President). Just as Jack saves the world, it falls apart again just as the episode ends. These open loops keep us coming back each week to see how Jack will fix the world again.

This kind of album is mostly a lost art nowadays. Back in the hay-day of Rock ‘n Roll, bands and artist went to great lengths to create a big dramatic arc with their albums. Each song fit together like an opera or a play. They told a small part of the big story. Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is another great example.

Once you start listening to the first song, you can’t help getting sucked into listening to the whole album. That’s not an accident. It’s been carefully crafted to keep you engaged and spending more and more time with the band and their music.

Emails can do the same thing. They can keep your audience hanging on your every word by following the same formula.

Take the 1st song on Sgt. Pepper. It’s like an overture to a musical. It introduces the theme, the characters, and then leads you into the next song with an open loop. At the end of the song, Paul McCartney sings:

I don’t really want to stop the show,
But I thought you might like to know,
That the singer’s gonna sing a song,
And he wants you all to sing along.

So let me introduce to you,
The one and only Billy Sheers,
Of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band!

After a short segue, the 2nd song of the album begins. They don’t give you any chance to stop listening. The first song feeds right into the second song—”With a Little Help From My Friends”—with an irresistible gravitational pull.

Email Soap Opera Sequences are especially powerful when a new prospect first signs up to get your emails. They’ve just downloaded a free “cheat sheet” or “template” or some other type of lead magnet. Now the trick is to get them to keep coming back for more.

You can easily write a whole series of emails like this, your very own Sgt. Pepper album. The key is to leave them wanting more at the end of each email with an open loop. Make it strong so they’re itching to close the loop you opened in their minds.

Let’s Work Together On Your Sgt. Pepper Emails

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May your copy every be melodic and harmonious!