Hero's Fury Friday: origin story

Hero's Fury Friday_ Origin Story.jpg

What is this “Hero’s Fury” thing I keep talking about and where did it come from?

Well, here’s the story…

About 6 months ago, a friend of mine was having a really hard time.

I could tell he was in a lot of pain, both physically and emotionally. 

He had done and said so many things that helped me through some really big challenges and I felt it was my turn to offer some helpful word.

So I wrote this long, intense, impassioned email all about one of my hero’s—the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

I went on and on about his ridiculously UNFAIR challenge of deafness.

I went into a lot of detail and quoted some of Beethoven’s famous letter to his brothers at the point when he was about to give up and end it all.

I told my friend how inspiring it was to me that Beethoven—who was still pretty young and only about a quarter of the way into his composing career—decided NOT to end it all and soldier on IN SPITE of his overwhelming challenge. 

What really inspires me about Beethoven’s story is that his greatest masterpieces didn’t come out of him until AFTER he’d made that crucial decision to carry on in the face of pain and anger and suffering.

I tried to help my friend see and understand that his greatest work was still ahead of him. That he would be able to turn his challenge into an amazing gift by which he could impact many more lives than he ever dreamed before.

It was one of those mega-too-long-this-guy-is-crazy emails…

…but I sent it off and hoped the fiber optics and invisible ones and zeros beaming through the sky over to his email box would carry the feeling and emotion I put into it.

He sent a heartfelt “thank you” in return. But it wasn’t until I saw him a couple months later in San Diego that I really understood the impact this over-the-top email had on him.

He said to me… “that email… I’ve read it about 3 dozen times… it’s becoming like a religion to me…”

It is hard to express the feeling of joy this brought me. That my wild-man-crazy-composer-guy email actually meant something to him and that it helped him through during some dark nights and long days.

It was remarkably similar to the time a Catholic priest came up to me in the Warsaw Cathedral in Poland. I was there for a 9-month post-doctorate period of study at the Chopin University of Music. 

The large piece of music I’d written for the Cathedral choir to sing at Mass—which ended up being my dissertation—moved him deeply. He came up to me after the service and said…

“Your music helped me to pray.”

That moment was so important to me. It hit me in the gut. I finally had a visceral, tangible, palpable WHY for my composer journey. Not to bring any attention or accolades to ME. But to serve others and help them in their times of difficulty and trouble by putting all the feeling and empathy and encouragement into a bunch of little black dots that would hopefully carry through the singer's voices, across the cathedral, and down into someone’s heart.

And that’s what’s at the heart of my talk next week.

It’s a message of encouragement that I hope help the entrepreneurs I’ll be speaking to. Help them find the courage to take their problems, their challenges, and their unfair struggles by the horns and turn them into the fire that fuels them onward.

This topic means a lot to me, and I suspect it may be helpful to some of you. 

So I’m going to try and keep up this “Hero’s Fury Friday” idea each week.

I’d love to hear YOUR Hero’s Fury story.

When has there been a time in your life when you’ve been faced with a seemingly UNFAIR challenge? What did you do to overcome it? Where did you find the courage, the faith, the fire? 

My inquiring mind wants to know. 

If you feel comfortable, please do share. Just reply to this message and tell me all about it.

I wish you a wonderful Friday full of the HERO’S FURY!