The "High Road" To Measuring Conversions

The _High Road_ To Measuring Conversions.jpg

Numbers are important in business. For sure.

But not as important as people.

When I was a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints… you know, those young Mormon dudes and dudettes who go around 2 by 2 spreading the gospel... we frequently had debates about numbers vs people

(Have no fear… I’m not trying to convince you to join any church or other… just demonstrating an important lesson. Those who have ears to hear… let them hear.)

Some missionaries didn’t like that we had to report our numbers every week. 

How many lessons did we teach this week? How many contacts did we make? How many new people came to church? How many committed to baptism? How many were baptized? And on and on…

We learned quickly that what gets measured has a much higher likelihood of improving. So, numbers are crucial. 

But how we think about the people behind the numbers is what really matters.

Are they just contacts? Are they just prospects? Are they just baptisms? 

No, of course not! They are people. They are souls, God’s children. 

How I thought about people when I was a missionary changed everything I did. I taught more from the heart. I was more understanding. More patient. More eager to help in any way possible, even if that meant leaving them alone. 

The same goes in business. 

There’s not just prospects or customers or even clients. Though, as Jay Abraham often teaches, the term “clients” is much more elevated than the word “customers.” It comes with a sense of giving protection and being fully engaged in their welfare. 

But I think there’s a more important word. Not to disagree with the greatest marketing mind on earth… sorry Jay… but in my mind, the highest level of seeing the people you serve is your business is to see them as “converts.”

We measure conversions in percentages and numbers. But what about measuring conversions in hearts, souls, real people whose problems we're solving?

Those are the kinds of conversions I’m most interested in.

And that’s what I discuss in Chapter 4 of my new book. The chapter is called “The Prospect’s Progression: From Customer to Client to Convert.”

If you’re interested in elevating your thinking about your people, and your relationships with them, click the link below. I’ll let you know as soon as the book is available. Chapter 4 may not get you all the way there… but it will give you a good start in the right direction. The rest is up to you.

When you sign up, I’ll send you a free copy of Chapters 1 and 2. These lay the foundation for my Symphonic Copywriting method and ideology. 

For now, give some thought to the word “conversion” and how you can use it to elevate your customer relationships in your business.

And may your copy every be melodic and harmonious!