Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?

Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth_.jpg

“It was so gay!" I ranted to Uncle Pete.

“That cop gave me a ticket for the gayest reason ever!” 

“He said he could tell if I was following the car in front of me or being towed by it. It was SO GAY!” 

Uncle Pete quietly asked… “So, by ‘gay’… you mean ’stupid’… right?”

Palm. Forehead. Total utter embarrassment. 

For some reason I’d completely forgotten who I was talking to and didn’t realize the words I was using.

Uncle Pete, who I love dearly… is gay…


That’s gonna leave a mark!

Thankfully he was very patient with me. But I’ve NEVER used the word “gay” in such a rude, careless, insulting way again!

Somehow that awful usage of the word “gay” had slipped into my vocabulary. And I ate a whole pile of crow that day.

Let me be clear… I have nothing against anyone of any race, creed, group, persuasion, sexuality or any other form of identity.

I’m trying to make a point about the words we use without realizing what we’re doing.

And before we catch ourselves… we’re sitting on the edge of the tub on time-out with a big fat bar of soap in our mouth.

It’s no different when it comes to writing emails to your customers.

Do you let certain words slip in? Words you don’t normally use in regular conversation?

And I’m not just talking about rude or crude words… this applies to “polite” language to.

In his book “On Writing Well” … Willian Zinsser says…

“Never say anything in writing that you wouldn’t comfortably say in conversation. If you’re not a person who says ‘indeed’ or ‘moreover,’ or who calls someone an individual (‘he’s a fine individual’), pleasedon’t write it.”

That’s one of the reasons that step #1 of the 7 steps in my “Character Based Email Blueprint” is… “Write In A Conversational Manner.”

Good copywriting, whatever the type of copy… email, landing page, sales page, Facebook ad… is conversational. 

Like you’re sitting one-on-one with a friend having a chat.

I’ve prepared this Character Based Email Blueprint as a little tool you can use to critique your own email copy.

You can hire a copywriter like me to write your email… and if that’s what you’d like to do, feel free to give me a ring. 

You can hire a copywriter like me to give you an email copy critique… and if that’s what you’d like to do, I’d love to help. Offering critiques is a ton of fun.

Or… to get started… you can critique yourself. But you’ll need some kind of guide or rubric or something.

If you click this button here, you can download my Character Based Email Blueprint: 7 Steps to Giving Yourself an A-list Email Copywriting Critique.

After you go through the 7 steps, there’s an example of an email I wrote for my wife’s business using this blueprint. That way you can see it all in practice.

So, have a click and get your emails singing your customer’s tune with just the right notes.

But remember… watch your words.

You wouldn’t kiss your mother with that mouth… would you?

Have a good one!


P.S. My Character Based Email Blueprint is like a little mini-course in writing engaging, fun to read emails. Just click here and it’s yours for free.