Magic That Happens "Before" the Copywriting

Magic That Happens _Before_ the Copywriting.jpg

A few weeks ago I was staring a large client job in the face. I was a little worried.

A 52-piece email sequence is a lot of writing. 

How was I going to keep this interesting? How could I string out the interest of the audience over 26 weeks?

Then I remembered an important lesson I learned in grad school

In my first of 5 years at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, I used to get stuck all the time writing my assigned compositions.

After a lot of trying a failing, I realized I was skipping a really important step.

I was spending all my time leaning on only 1 leg of a 3-legged stool.

I kept going in circles, writing notes and chord and melodies that didn’t mean a thing.

Do you ever find yourself going in circles while struggling to get your copy written?

You’re probably making the same mistake I kept making.

And if you continue to try sitting on a stool with 2 of 3 legs missing, you’ll keep falling down like I was.

One day I explained to my teacher how I kept getting stuck.

He asked how much time I spend Pre-planning and mapping out my pieces before I start writing them.

I admitted I hadn’t ever planned out a piece before writing it. I just jumped in and started writing.

He told me about how he and many other composers spend a lot of time planning, diagraming, and researching before they start writing.

Wow, I never thought about doing that before.

But it sure made a difference.

I started spending a bunch of time taking his advice. It made a huge difference!

Thinking about the instruments I was writing for. The audience that would hear the piece. Considering what I wanted them to feel and experience when they heard the piece.

Suddenly writing a piece became SO much easier. I knew who I was writing for. I knew what each note was supposed to do. 

And that’s exactly the kind of thing that helped me write convincing copy in my long, 52-part email copy gig.

The magic happened BEFORE I did any writing at all.

I spent 5 or 6 hours on the phone and watching videos. I spoke with several happy customers and got to know the transformation the products I was writing about had accomplished.

I spent a couple hours stringing together all these stories into a long series of open loops that brought the whole big project into 1 tidy whole.

Sure, it was still work. But I knew where I was going, who I was talking to, and I had a bunch of great stories of transformation to tell.

In my new book, Symphonic Copywriting, I’ve designed the chapters into 3 sections. These sections mirror my process of composition and copywriting. 

Part 1 is all about what to do “before” you start writing. There are 4 important stages that each get their own chapter.

Part 2 is all about the actual writing itself. There are 9 chapters in this section with lots of “how-tos” and tactics of good copywriting.

And then there’s Part 3. And Part 3 is something composers and copywriters often forget about. 

I’ll tell you more about Part 3 tomorrow.

For now, why not hop over and get the first 2 chapters of Part 1 for free? Just click this link here and I’ll send you over a PDF.

And then tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the 3rd Part. Without it, you could write the greatest copy in the world and still have a failing campaign.

See you then.

And may your copy ever be melodic and harmonious.