Methods of Circumcision and Email Launching

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I’ll get into circumcision methods in a minute…

First, let me tell you a little more about the strategy we used to get our free trip to Maui with only 18 storytelling emails.

If you’re new to the list… welcome! You’re right smack dab in the middle of a 19-day free mini-course on what I call Email Melodramas. They are a series of emails that work like one of those suspense TV shows that keep you coming back every week. Like “Jack-Bauer-power-hour.” Or as most people know it, the TV show “24.” 

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The email I’m sharing today is the 7th of the 18.

But the time our list saw this email, there was only 1 week left until the big 18-hour sale.

Not everyone was going to opt-in, but some of our list, we knew for sure, would want to take advantage of the huge sale.

So in each of the emails you’ve seen so far, the call to action has been to sign up for the special notification list.

We continued to email the regular list every day, but the “special Maui notification list” got a bunch more emails.

Since they raised their hands and opted in, they got to hear more of our story which increased the excitement for the sale even more.

We borrowed this strategy from Ben Settle, one of my favorite copywriter man-crushes. But we tweaked it in several ways. One of which was that it lead to a sale instead of the launch of a new product. Ben teaches it as a launch strategy. I’ve used it for a launch as well, for a new book of my church music sheet music. It works really well as a launch strategy too!

What I’m trying to illustrate is… you don’t have to use this strategy EXACTLY like we did to make it work for you.

You can use it to launch a product, for the launch of an event, for a big sale, for a fundraiser, or for just about any other big thing you’ve got going on in your business. 

Now, on to the methods of circumcision. 

I got in a bit of a shouting match with our birthing coach on the “snip-snip” subject.

Check it out...


Email #7 of 18

Subject: Circumcision, all natural birthing, and VBACs

For our 2nd baby, we decided to try the all natural Bradley Method. I had NO desire to go through pre-eclampsia, eclampsia or a C-section again, so I studied up on the best ways to avoid that happening and felt good with this choice. 

The Bradley Method teaches women how to go through natural childbirth with a Zen-like focus and “mind-over-matter” pain control.

To say that Doug was skeptical about the whole thing is the understatement of the decade. But he could see that I was really serious about doing it this way, and he agreed as long as I promised
that we’d have the baby at the hospital and not at home. After the last one, he was terrified.

Doug did a really good job at going along with my crazy plan and listening to our 12-weekall natural course.

After a while, he actually got on board with the whole thing because he saw how much control I was learning.

To my surprise, he became a true believer! But during the last week of our course, he had it out with the teacher.

She gave a long and impassioned talk about how in her view, circumcision is a wrong, unnecessary, antiquated practice and anyone who decided to circumcise their baby boy was barbaric and ridiculous.

“Can I say something…” Doug said, steam starting to come out of his ears.

“I’m sorry, but you’ve got to be kidding me with all this circumcision stuff. I’ve been sitting here for 12 weeks being told how I don’t understand what it’s like to have girl parts and how I’ll never understand what it’s like to go through childbirth and all the rest of it.

“I’ve been a good sport and taken it all in stride."

Well, I won’t give you the whole conversation. Basically, he didn’t like being told what to think about his own and his son’s boy-parts from our girl teacher. And how a boy should look like his father down there so he doesn’t think there’s something wrong with him.

I was pretty embarrassed, but luckily, it ended well. The other Dads laughed and chimed in too.

It was pretty funny to see them all get riled up about it.

A few weeks later little Zach was born. He was our first VBAC and I did it all natural! The new method really worked for me.

Our doctor, the same guy that gave me the C-section with our 1st, said what it shame it was that I had such trauma the first time. He said I was a total natural at natural childbirth (which is funny,
because normally I don’t have a high pain tolerance).

And boy did I heal faster this time. It was great!

 The only problem was, we were scheduled to move across the country just three weeks later. A 1,600 mile drive with a 3-week old baby is not my idea of fun.

And to make matters worse, we were just about to walk into the worst financial decision of our lives.

More on that tomorrow…

You, on the other hand, are about to make an excellent financial decision.

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Have a great germ-free day!



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