Nasty Hairy Legs And How They Can Boost Your Sales

Nasty hairy legs and how they can boost your sales.jpg

What on earth can a pair of hairy legs do to help you sell more?

That’s exactly what my wife asked when I wrote this email for her business.

She runs a network marketing business selling all-natural cleaning and personal care products.

One of the bathing products helps women get the best shave they’ve ever had.

So rather than send a boring email with a bunch of specifications and features, we spiced it up with a fun little story.

In other words, we transformed “Information” into “Entertainment.”

This is what savvy marketers call “Infotainment.”

You give important, useful, timely information, but you make it fun to read.

Kind of like a good kids movie.

Mary Poppins flies in wither her talking umbrella and magic carpetbag to teach the children important life lessons and help save their father from ruin. 

She teaches them incredibly important life lessons. But she does it with a “spoonful of sugar” … “in the most delightful way.”

That’s “Infotainment.”

And “Infotainment” is one of the 7-steps in my “Character Based Email Blueprint.”

This blueprint is a 4-page guide to giving yourself “Rock Star” level email copywriting critique.

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Part of the 4-page blueprint is the “nasty hairy legs” email I wrote to my wife’s team teaching them how to use an entertaining situation or story to add a “spoonful of sugar” to the boring information she wanted to teach them.

The reason this works so well is because when these ladies read my wife's “nasty hairy legs” story, they see themselves in the action. They identify with her and have a little bonding moment.

Take a minute and have a look at this blueprint to help you spark your imagination. 

Find an “every-day” sort of story or situation that makes you chuckle, or that gives you fun relief from the pressures of your day. Use that to spin an entertaining story that leads to your product or service.

Click here to get my “Character Based Email Blueprint” so you can put it to use right away.

And have a super-duper day!