Oprah's secret to getting launched into stardom

Oprah's Secret to Getting Launched into Stardom....jpg

Not just Oprah, actually. Michael Jackson and will Smith have the same secret.

You'd never know their names without a little help from a certain common friend of theirs.

Someone who had his eye out for talent and potential. Someone who knew what to do when he found the right ingredients in the right person.

He saw it in Oprah and cast her in the film "The Color Purple" which is where she got started.

He saw it in Will Smith and cast him in the hit show "Fresh Prince of Bel Air."

And he saw it in Michael Jackson as he was stepping away from his brothers in the Jackson 5. Michael asked him for some advice about hiring a producer to help him with his first solo album... which, by the way, went on to sell 20 million copies!

Who was this mentor and genius scout of amazing talent and potential?

It was none other than the 80-time Grammy nominated artist and 28-time Grammy award winner (including the Lifetime Grammy award)...

... Mr. Quincy Jones!

But did you know there's a Quincy Jones of copywriting?

Someone who's got such an amazing track record of turning average copywriters with potential into mega-star A-listers he's been rightfully dubbed "The World's Greatest Copywriting Coach."

Whether you're just wanting to write copy for your business, or if you want to become a pro copywriter and take clients... the truth is... YOU. NEED. A. MENTOR.

And who is this copy mentor who'll make an appearance very soon on The Music of Copywriting Podcast?

It's the fascinating copywriting mentor David Garfinkel.

The podcast goes live in just a few days, on August 14th!

And David is the guest on the upcoming Episode #6 - "The Quincy Jones of Copywriting," which airs a week after the launch.

When you subscribe to the podcast via the link below, you'll get the word as soon as Episode #6 drops on Wednesday morning, August 21st.

David tells the story of his journey from rockstar journalist to A-list copywriter and copy coach.

And he talks about what he does to help copywriters become truly GREAT!

You're not gonna wanna miss this one!

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