Over $12,000 In Just 18 Hours

Over $12,000 In Just 18 Hours!!.jpg

The big day finally arrived… open cart day for out “Get-Us-To-Maui” super sale.

And just 18 hours later, we’d sold over $12,000 worth of Norwex and earned our trip to Maui!!

We started off the day with a general, nuts and bolts email announcing that the cart was open.

Then we sent two other emails to the “special notification” list. Both of those were also nuts and bolts emails with some extra goodies and details about how the sale was going, like a scoreboard.

  • 6am - open cart email

  • 6:15am - extra goodies email, to special list only

  • 8:05am - 16 hours left, 9201 points left, to special list only

The first storytelling email of the day, of which, there were 6 in total, came at 10:07am, and only to the “special notification” list.

Remember where we left off? Janae had her spleen out, which solved her health issues. 

But how was I going to solve my music career issues?

Here’s the next episode in our Email Melodrama...


Day #14, email #4 – OPEN CART DAY
(13th of 18 story emails)

10:07am to special Maui notification list only

Subject: Yay! We’re back

So, my spleen was out, I was healthy again, and Doug was finished with his European experience and his education (finally…9 years of college...4 degrees....takes a while...).

It was time to get a job!

Doug got a teaching job back in Cincinnati, right in the same area we’d lived before.

So we loaded everybody up and made the trek back to the midwest.

When we crossed the river and entered Northern Kentucky, the kids exploded… 


It was really like coming home. We even moved back into the same neighborhood and school district. We had the same church congregation and group of friends. It was such a great time.

I started teaching violin lessons and continued working online customer service for my brother’s Amazon company.

Doug’s teaching and composition career starting to take off. We were super happy!

The only problem was, some of the other teachers at Doug’s school were getting jealous of his success. This came back to bite us hard and threw Doug for a complete CRAZY loop!

More on that in a bit…

For now, I want to give a SHOUT OUT and a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s ordered so far!


You guys are the best!

Only 14 hours left to take advantage of our 35% off “Get Us To Maui” SUPER SALE!

Place your orders here —>> [LINK]

Have a great germ-free day!



“I don’t have time to write my life story…”

You’ve probably thought this at least once during this series of 19 Email Melodrama emails.

Not to worry…

Spend an hour or so on the phone with me, spill your guts, let me ask a few leading questions, and you’re done.

Then I get out my magic wand and do the rest.

Minimum input on your part. Maximum benefit with sale pouring in and your customers feeling like they know you as well as they know their best friends. 

So, let’s talk.

Hit me up at www.SymphonicCopywriting.com/contact.

And may your copy ever be melodic and harmonious.