Persuasion for Pits and Private Parts

Persuasion for Pits and Private Parts.jpg

The Harmon Brother strike again…

Remember those hilarious ads for Squatty Potty, Purple Mattresses, ChatBooks, and Poo-Pourri?

They were all created by the brilliant Harmon Brothers… who are located like 20 miles from where I live. 

(I’ve gotta figure out how to hang out with these guys. They are amazing!)

Well, their latest video-ad is kicking butt, yet again.

It’s another ad built using humor, but this time for an all natural deodorant for pits and private parts called Lumē.

On the surface, watching the ad is like watching a skit on SNL or Studio C. 

Actually, most of the actor’s the Harmon Brothers cast in their ads come from the cast of the hit Mormon comedy show, Studio C, including this ad.

Under the hood, the ad is a perfectly crafted little sales letter. It’s gotta a great hook, great stories, and tons of proof and credibility from authoritative sources. They name every objection and seal off all the exits. 

And all the little nuances of the humor… whether in the cinematography, the main character’s accent, or even the funny song she sings in the opening of the ad… serve the ultimate goal of the ad. To persuade prospects to buy. 

This is an ad worth studying.

I’ve started typing it out, word for word, just to get a better idea of the flow and cadence.

So, take a look. You’ll laugh for sure. But see if you can pick up a few tips from these masters of persuasion.

Here’s the link one more time tot he video.

No, I’m not an affiliate. Just a fanboy.

Have a good one! And may your copy ever be melodic and harmonious!


P.S. The Harmon Brothers recently released an online course in their method of creating winning ads. Again, I'm not an affiliate, but I thought I'd let you know. It looks awesome! Here's a link: