Pink Floyd's masterful "Money" making tricks


Old-school rockers had the same problem every marketer has.

How to grab people’s attention, keep them listening, and stand out among all the clutter?

When your ads go live, you’ve got about 5-7 seconds... or less... to capture your prospect’s attention.

When a rock band got a bit of radio air time back in the day, they had about 5 seconds to hook their listeners before they switched the dial looking for something more interesting to listen to.

When Pink Floyd (one of my all-time favorite bands) wanted to get and keep their audience’s attention in their chart-topping song “Money,” they used some of the smartest tricks in the book.

Dissecting great songs is one of my those things that makes me so happy, I can hardly stand it.

The same goes for dissecting a great piece of copy... no matter what type of business it's for.

What can these classic rockers teach you about writing smash hit copy for your business???


There are at least 5 MEGA lessons in just this one Pink Floyd song. And what better song than "Money" to give you the low down about how to apply these money secrets to your ads and your copy.

Episode #5 of my brand new podcast... "The Music of Copywriting Podcast" ... is all about these 5 mega secrets.

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Get your "Comfortably Numb" self ready for this one. It's gonna show you how to "Run, Run, Run" right over "The Wall" and start making some serious "Money," the classic rock 'n roll way!

"We don't need no education" ... just rockin' copy!

The #CopyComposer