Copywriting Prayers and Praises

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More on stage 3 copywriting…

Stage 1, preparation. Stage 2, composition. Stage 3, performance.

Good copy can’t exist without all 3.

Picture this…

You get a commission to write a new piece of music for your local church choir.

The pastor gives you a verse of scripture he wants you to use for the piece. It fits perfectly with his sermon. 

Stage 1. 

Do you jump in a start writing? 

No. You read the verse of scripture. You ponder a while. You consider what it means. What it’s teaching. How it can apply to the lives of the parishioners. What’s the desired effect/affect? 

Once you have a clear idea of who you’re writing for and what the desired outcome is, you can move on to stage 2.  Don’t be deceived, it can take quite a while to get this “clear idea.” Taking the necessary time makes all the difference.

Stage 2.

With the “core” in mind, now it’s time to start writing. Every note, every chord, every voicing, every bit of counterpoint, every note in the organ part, every dynamic, every dynamic marking, they ALL exist to support the “core” you defined in Stage 1.

Writing, re-writing, chucking out, starting again, fixing, tweaking, re-voicing. This is the craftsmanship stage. But every single thing you do should serve the “core” or you’ve failed before anyone hears your new piece.

Finally, you finish your piece. It’s all bright and shiny.

Most composers stop here. But that’s a big mistake!

Stage 3.

Now you’ve gotta test it out. Start by testing it out on the choir. Go to a few rehearsals. Print up the piece. Sing it through. Listen to what the choir members say about it. 

“Nice piece.” “Clever writing.” “Interesting.” 

If you hear these things… you’ve FAILED! It’s the equivalent of a friend who reads your sales letter and says, “you’re a good writer. Nice ad. I like it.” 

Time to go back and fix it.

What you’re looking for is an emotional reaction. “Oh Doug, I felt it. Oh, I needed that. Wow, that really spoke to me.” 

This is the kind of response you’re looking for. It’s the equivalent of a friend who reads your sales letter and says, “where can I buy this?” 

But the testing isn’t over. Now you need to try it on the congregation. You do all the teaks you can think of to maximize the emotional impact. 

And then… you pray.

Hopefully they feel something. The whole point was to change their lives. NOT to bring attention to yourself. 

If it doesn’t work, back to the drawing board.

Most composer, and most copywriters, are afraid to face the audience. The connect the impact of their work with their self-worth. 

That’s just a waste of time. 

Get back to work and find the emotional triggers. Define the core. Write to support the core. And then test the core on your congregation. 

And then… PRAY!

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And may your copy every be melodic and harmonious!