How My A-List Mentor Sang My Tune Loud and Clear

How My A-List Mento Sang My Tune Loud and Clear.jpg

A few weeks ago I was having bit of a mindset meltdown.

This is one of the reasons I’m so glad to have a mentor. Someone who knows what I’m trying to do. Someone who’s reached the mountaintop and cares enough to show me the way forward.

Sometimes that requires a little tough love. 

Sometimes that requires NOT spelling out the answers with exactness. 

Sometimes it’s best to teach or re-teach an important principle and leave a few breadcrumbs on the path forward. 

If the mentor just tells you the answers all the time, you never have to set out into the mist and make the leaps of faith required to build the life you want to build.

The best mentors give just enough info and guidance to help you make that leap of faith. And then they help you realize that it’s worth it.

My mentor, Ray Edwards did this for me after a series of scarcity mindset emails from me.

He gave me just enough to go on. But he did it in a way that sang my tune and made my internal vibrations roar with a fury.

And he did all that in 4 little words.

You see, Ray, like any great mentor, has taken the time to get to know me. 

He knows that I’m a Latter-day Saint, sometimes people call us Mormons. 

But because he knows that, like him, I’ve built my life on the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ…

(Now, quick side note… don’t run away because I used the J word. Try to see the lesson here. This is NOT about religion. This is about learning to sing in harmony with the songs already playing in your customer’s/client’s/prospect’s mind.)

…and, because he knows I’m LDS, he used a famous 4-word one-liner of a famous Mormon prophet to reassure me that I was on the right track. 

He quoted the man who led the Mormons and settled the Salt Lake Valley. His name was Brigham Young.

When Brigham arrived in the Salt Lake Valley after the Mormon Exodus from the midwest, he stuck his cane in the sand to mark the cornerstone of the new temple. This temple became the center of the new city. And then he spoke those same 4 words that Ray used to reassure me and sing my tune.

He said…

“This is the place.”

Ding, ding, ding!! All the bells and whistles!! A whole heap of 38 years of lessons on faith and purpose and prosperity came rushing in and my tune boomed in my internal ears like a blasting rock concert.

So, what’s your customer’s tune? How can you find out? 

The first step is to do what Ray did with me. Take the time to get to know your people. 

This is what I talk about in Chapter 3 of my new book, Symphonic Copywriting. The chapter is title, “Waving the Maestro’s Magic B.A.T.O.N. of Audience Awareness.” 

I’m nearly finished with the book and it will be coming out in the very near future. 

But you can get a free copy of the first 2 chapters now. Just hop over to…

… and I’ll send you your free PDF copy right away. 

Learning how to sing your customer’s tune is what Symphonic Copywriting is all about. 

Have a great day, and may your copy every be melodic and harmonious!