Setting the Dual Hook of the Double Open Loop

Setting the Dual Hook of the Double Open Loop.jpg

Another benefit of the long runway an Email Melodrama gives you is the chance to set a double hook.

Instead of just one open loop, why not two?

Can you spot the two new open loops in this email?

In this 8th out of 19 emails that earned us a trip to Maui, we tell our sad little sob story about the stupid condo we bought in September 2007, right before the housing crisis.

What a headache. We only freed ourselves of that bondage last year.

What this whole get-us-to-Maui campaign helped us realize was that we could free ourselves of even more bondage.

The financial bondage we’ve been under for so long with student loans and credit card debt. An early career university music professor’s salary is so laughably low. It’s nearly criminal.

Boy how I wish my professors had warned me about all that in grad school. 

But, I guess the admissions office wouldn’t like that very much. Gotta keep taking advantage of unassuming students to keep the admission numbers up.

I’m not bitter at all… 🤨 (Is my eye still twitching?)

Ok, enough of that garbage.

Here’s the 8th email in our Maui Melodrama.

Remember, look for the double hook.


Email #8 of 18

Subject: The worst financial decision we ever made

Everybody said, “don’t rent, you should buy something.”

“Why pay rent and throw away your money when you can build equity?”

Doug, as usual, was really skeptical. He’s just that way I guess. He didn’t want to deal with owning property. He just wanted to rent.

We were moving across the country so he could attend graduate school in Cincinnati. Everyone was telling us to buy a condo or townhouse. I was sure they were all right.

So I sent him out to find something for us to buy before we made the trek with our newborn and 2-year old Aubrey.

Doug had been teaching in the BYU-Idaho Music Department full time for 2 years and we had a decent amount of money saved up in our 401k.

He found a nice 2 bedroom condo that was only 15 miles away from campus.

unnamed (14).jpg

We liquidated our 401k to pay the down payment. Of course we didn't realize we’d have to pay a 20% fine for liquidating. Part 1 of our big mistake.

Part 2, we actually signed the mortgage papers and officially bought a condo.

We signed in September 2007, just a few months before the enormous housing crisis.

[Big cheesy Nacho Libre “we’re-so-stupid” sarcastic smile.]


We figured that since we were super poor graduate students, the crash wouldn’t really affect us. Wrong!

Its value had gone down 35%. So now, we owed the bank something like $20,000 more than what we could sell it for. AAAHHH!

And the decision to buy would come back to haunt us a few years later, even though we’d graduated and had jobs.

I think this is when Doug really started to lose his hair…

Lucky for us, we did have many happy times in our condo. One of them was bringing home baby #3, our Corynne.

The only problem was, she could hardly breathe. Or at least, that’s what we thought…

More about our squeaky baby tomorrow…

unnamed (15).jpg

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Have a great germ-free day!



Did you find it? The double open loop?

We laid a trail of breadcrumbs that leads to two more stories. 

The story of how the condo came back to bit us… and... the story of our squeaky little baby who we thought was constantly choking to get air.

Are you tired of your emails going unnoticed or having little to no effect? 

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May your copy ever be melodic and harmonious!