When the CopyComposer's Wife Admits She Was Wrong

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"Show me a man who doesn't smile when his wife admits she was wrong."

That's one of my favorite lines from Downton Abbey, spoken by Mr. Bates.

Yesterday I had this lovely experience!

My wife... Janae... recently hired a coach to help her hire and train her first two VAs for her Norwex MLM business.

They've been having lots of calls this week getting to know each other and putting some firm plans in place.

Her coach was REALLY impressed with Janae's email marketing strategy.

This lady used to be the head assistant for one of Norwex's top 10 super-consultants. In other words, she's seen it all.

She said NOBODY she's seen has anything even close to what Janae's doing with her email marketing.

Of course, as she's telling me all this, I'm wearing a devious smile from ear to ear and finally say...

"Well done, my young apprentice!"

"Yeah, yeah... you were right..." she says to my smirk.

Ah! What a feeling! At long last... for one...

I. WAS. RIGHT... haha!

Well, it was really some of my favorite copywriters who were right. Guys like Ben Settle and Ray Edwards and David Garfinkel. They inspired me to convince her that we should really use email marketing and copywriting as much as possible.

Not only have our emails built her a hyper-responsive list of customers...

Or helped her build a tribe Norwex consultants underneath her in the scheme, her downline...

Or won us a trip for two to Maui last year...

Or  won us another trip, this time to Cabo...

But this email copywriting thing has helped her quit her old job, build massive self confidence, and add multiple 4-figures to our monthly family income.

All this with emails.

So I decided to put what we've learned through writing all these emails into a book, so you can get the same kinds of awesome results in your business.

And you can get your Kindle copy for less than $4 at the link below:

Email StorySelling Secrets: How to Write Email Story Sequences that Intoxicate Your Audience Like a Hit TV Show

Grab yourself a copy today and you too might just enjoy the pleasure of hearing these coveted words from your spouse or partner...

"Yeah, yeah... you were right..."

You'll thank me later.

The CopyComposer