How To Sing Your Customer's Song of Transformation

How To Sing Your Customer's Song Of Transformation.jpg

No sales message—whether a rock song or a Facebook Ad or anything in between—is worth its salt if it doesn’t show the reader the possible transformation they can experience.

The whole point of advertising is to make sales. But sales are made when people see themselves in a future “better” state. In a transformed state. In a new way of life with a new perspective, new view, new attitude, new lease on life.

Rock ’n Roll, as well as just about every type of music I know, can (sometimes people choose not to, for some stupid reason) offer a similar transformation.

As I’ve mentioned in several posts in a row, there are many great sales, marketing, and copywriting lessons in Pink Floyd’s iconic song, “Money.”

Once the listener is hooked with the money sounds… and further sucked into the unique story of the 7-beat song instead of the regular 4-beat song… and see themselves in they cynical lyrics… the band’s job is to take them to a new place psychologically.

Something really important happens BEFORE the “new state” is arrived at. 

I’ll talk about that in my next post… so, stay tuned…

But for now, let’s discuss the “new state” the band gets their customer in.

The band lets loose in the guitar solo, which, by the way, goes back into 4-beat music. After that whole opening and several go-arounds of the lyrics, they totally rock out in a 4-beat pattern.

After the guitar solos cool down, they slip back into the opening 7-beat feel with the awesome hooking bassline. 

But when they get back to the 7-beat pattern, now, all of a sudden, it feels like home base. Like it was always supposed to be there. As if 7-beat rock ’n roll is an everyday occurrence. Which of course, it’s NOT. Not at all.

(Here’s a YouTube recording for your reference >>> )

Have a listen again and see how “at home” that 7-beat pattern is when you come back to it after the big guitar solo.

That’s a total transformation. They succeeded. They got into the listener’s mindset with a really gripping hook, and then took the audience to a whole new world where a 7-beat rock pattern is nice and comfortable. 

If that’s not a successful transformation, I don’t know what it.

Are you focusing on the transformation? 

Or are you focusing on your product? Or on yourself?

We love great songs because they make us feel like a new person. They help us understand who we are, how we fit into the world. They transform us.

If your marketing isn’t helping your customers find and feel that same transformation, your throwing “money” down the drain.

I can help you find the transformation. I LOVE the transformation. You can do SO MUCH MORE for your customers if you can really help them find that transformation. 

And I LOVE helping you find and hone transformational messages. That’s the whole ballgame for me. TRANSFORMATION. 

Drop me a line and let’s work together to help your customers overcome their pain, their problems, their frustrations and achieve the transformation they’ve been looking for.

If you’re ready, drop me a line.

And may your copy every be melodic and harmonious!