A soothing "birthing" technique to save your sanity

Do the Monday "worry-sweats" ever attack you in the pre-dawn hours?

The certainly come after me...

...especially when there's a really big, really important week ahead.

Like THIS week.

I've got more deadlines than I can shake a stick at.

Which really is a HUGE blessing. I truly am SO grateful to have lots of work!

I'm not complaining at all. But that moment of "holy-crap-can-I-actually-get-all-of-these-things-done-in-one-week-without-dying" comes nevertheless.

So how do you handle it? How do escape from what COULD be a totally crushing weight that gets your week started off with a mountain of worry?

When I woke up this morning at 3:38 with the "worry-sweats," the first thing I thought of was my wife in labor.

Weird, I know.

But she's freaking AMAZING when she gets in the zone right before delivering a baby.

We did some intense studying in what's called the Bradley Method of childbirth.

She really figured out how to get into a Zen state despite the white-hot bursts of contraction pain.

The key for her is breathing.

She puts on her headphones filled with her favorite soothing classical music...

...lost of violins, and some Edward Elgar's "Enigma Variations" for the nerds who really want to know... the "Nimrod" variation, of course...

...and she takes these slow, deep, from her toes, full-body "birthing" breaths.

The harder the contraction, the quieter she gets and the longer and more controlled her breathing.

And her colossal breaths remind her to unclench every muscle in her body, especially her neck and shoulders.

I've watched her do this with each of our kids and it never ceases to utterly AMAZE me.

So this morning, I tried a series of big-mama birthing breaths myself.

Ahhhhh..... they really did the trick.

Iiiiinnnnn..... Oooouuuuuttt..... (I'm hearing Mr. Miyagi all of a sudden...)

Well, you get the picture.

If you're stressed out of your mind this morning, or any time...

...take some fear-melting "birthing" breaths.

Turn on some soothing Bach (like the "Air on a G String").

And then, when you're frame of mind is ready to hit the ground running... without all those stressed-out-sweats... but on some energizing Beethoven! I prefer the 7th Symphony when I need some energy, especially the 3rd and 4th movements. Now there's a mighty freight-train of sound that can burst through any wall of craziness I come across.

But maybe Van Halen or Metallica or U2 will do the trick for you. Hey, that works too!

But start with some deep, cleansing, "birthing" breaths.

You can do it!

Rock on!

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