Stop going in circles, get the kind of faith that gets you moving 4x faster

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I remember the first time I hired a coach in my entrepreneurial journey.

It wasn't that long ago, and my coach was Ray Edwards.

I was joining his mastermind (which is not exactly the same thing, but it was a big leap for me) and I was pretty nervous.

Was he going to be able to help me get the success I so desperately needed? Was the significant financial obligation the right thing to do despite the crushing debt I was struggling to manage? Would I actually figure out how to make more money?

It took a lot of faith. And that's something I hadn't really had for a while.

I was coming out of a big faith crisis and this was the first real test of faith I'd decided to take head-on in about 3 years.

And by the way, those were 3 years of utter misery... for too many reasons to explain today.

I had to have faith in Ray. But more importantly, I had to remember and rekindle faith in myself.

Many times what Ray counseled me to do was REALLY hard for me. I didn't want to do it.

I remember one specific moment when he counseled me to STOP doing a daily blog in another field that was draining my time, my energy, and drawing away my attention from what was ultimately going to help me succeed the most.

It was funny because just a couple minutes after he told me to STOP doing that blog, I got on Instagram and Russell Brunson, another coach I love and follow very closely, posted a simple phrase. It said... "DO HARD THINGS!"

Okay... okay... fine!

So I cut the chord on that blog and haven't looked back since.

I'm so glad I did because today, I'm in the best financial position I've ever been in.

We haven't yet conquered all the debt, but we're making great progress!

It took a lot of faith.

And if you decide to join my new CopyComposer BETA Mastermind... it's gonna take a leap of faith on your part too.

Faith in me, and faith in yourself.

It's also going to take faith on my part.

Faith in myself and that I can help you on your path. And faith in you and your ability to apply what you learn with an excited, positive, passionate attitude.

But here's something I've learned about faith.

Having faith is a lot like having 2 paddles when you're on a river in a canoe.

You really need both paddles because if you only have one, you'll just go in circles.

And the two paddles of faith are...

(1) Belief


(2) Action

If all you do is believe in yourself and in me without action, you'll go in circles.

If all you do is act, but you don't believe in me or in yourself, you'll go in circles the other direction.

The great part about a coaching or mastermind is... we get to COMBINE our faith!

And with 2 of us in the boat using both of our paddles, not only will we go in the right direction, but we'll go a whole lot faster and with much more purpose.

In a couple days I'm hosting a short free web class about this new CopyComposer BETA Mastermind.

It's not gonna be a crazy hard pitch. I'm not gonna go on and on about how wonderful I am. And I'm not gonna twist your arm.

But I will show you what our joint faith can do for you and your business.

And of course, there will be plenty of encouraging lessons from music talk and the like.

If you're ready to stop going in circles and start joining paddles with a coach who can help you get that 4x speed... and even sing a happy tune while we're at it... consider tuning in on Thursday at 1pm Mountain Time to learn more about this fun new CopyComposer BEAT Mastermind.

Just click the link here to register.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you there.

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