9 reasons you'll hate yourself if you don't attend The Copywriting Academy Live

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Lots of gurus and influencers host live events or seminars.

But few are as transformative as the events my mentor hosts.

His name is Ray Edwards and he’s a crazy awesome copywriter and marketer. He’s written copy and ad campaigns for Tony Robbins, the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” guys, and many more. He’s made over $300 MILLION for his clients with nothing but his well chosen words.

What’s more, he’s extremely gifted when it comes to teaching YOU how to use his proven copywriting methods.

That’s why I’m so excited about his live event coming up in just a couple weeks.

15 days from now is his fantastic live event, The Copywriting Academy Live.

Here are the 9 reasons I’m SUPER excited about it and why you need to be there.

And they all have to do with the 9 guest speakers.

Here’s the lineup:

#1 - Jeff Goins, writer

I LOVE Jeff’s books “The Art of Work” and especially “Real Artists Don’t Starve.” For all my music friends, if you want to figure out how to turn your art into better business, you’ve GOTTA get Jeff’s books.

#2 - Mike Kim, branding expert

Mike has the #1 personal branding podcast and he’s a dynamite copywriter. Recently, he was appointed the head of marketing for none other than global influencer, John Maxwell.

#3 - Cliff Ravenscraft, mindset

Cliff used to be THE guy in podcast training. But he decided he wanted to make a shift. So he shut down that business completely and now focuses exclusively on being “The Mindset Answer Man.” I had the privilege of sitting with Cliff at a dinner a few months ago. I LOVED talking with him and learning from his vast knowledge and experience with helping people tackle and conquer their mindset. He’s the real deal!

#4 - Sara Anna Powers, copywriter

Sara Anna is another dynamite copywriter. She’s built a huge copywriting and coaching business after leaving her full-time litigation practice a few years ago. She focuses mostly on helping women entrepreneurs.

#5 - Andy Mason, Bethel Business

Andy is the director of Heaven in Business. He and his wife lead Dream Culture, which is a movement they founded to help people to discover and live their dreams.

#6 - Juliana Stachurski, marketing expert

Juliana is an incredible marketing expert who’s helped several business reach the 7-figure mark. She works a lot with non-profits.

#7 - Pat Quinn, speaker training

Pat is one of the leading speaking trainers in the online marketing industry. He helps marketers craft and hone their messages so they can make a big impact on stage.

#8 - Douglas Pew, copywriter & composer

Hey, that’s me! I’m super excited to speak about what is becoming one of my favorite topics. It’s a system I developed from studying the life of Beethoven that I call “The Hero’s Fury.” I’ll use musical examples from Beethoven’s life to depict his monumental struggle with deafness as he worked to move mountains with his art form.

#9 - Leslie Samuel, Emcee

Leslie is a fantastic blogging trainer and a magnetic personality. He’ll keep the event exciting and fresh throughout with his infectious enthusiasm.

I’m leaving out one BIG speaker, which is of course the man himself, Ray Edwards. I’m very excited to hear him speak. He’ll train you and walk you through writing copy for your business.

You’ll walk in with a blank page and walk out with your copy done!

Tickets are going fast. I hope you’ll join us in Tennessee in a couple weeks.

Whatever kind of business you’re in, you need good copy to sell you products or services.

Remember, you’re just one “Hit Song Sales Letter” (as I call them) away from transforming your business.

This is the place to get started.