The ultimate hero makes a "fury"-ous appearance


He’s mean…

He’s wild…

He’s “fury”-ous…

And he’s been de-composing for 192 years.

But next week, he’s making a special appearance, in all his gilded glory.

Who is this hero?

And what in the world does he have to do with marketing and copywriting?

It’s the bully of Bonn. The victor of Vienna. The master of heroic disaster…

The one… the only…

Ludwig van Beethoven

“And the crowd goes wild…. Hhhaaaaaahhhh!!!”

That’s right, Beethoven is making an appearance next week at Ray Edwards’s one of a kind live seminar, The Copywriting Academy Live.

Why Beethoven?

"What can the husk of a deaf composer who kicked the bucket nearly 2 centuries ago possibly have to teach me about running my business?”

Well, let me ask you…

Is your business journey all sunshine and roses?

Do you frolic in the fiber optic meadows of online marketing each and every day without a zip-a-dee-do-da care in the world?

I bet you’ve faced some challenges in your time.

Some real doozies.

And I bet you’ll face some more before the fat lady sing.

That’s what ol’ Ludwig can help you with.

He can show you what to do when those ridiculous roadblocks get in your way. What to do when the UNFAIR fairy comes to sprinkle her poisonous dust all over your. And he can show you, from his own wrestle with crippling deafness and despair, how to turn those challenges into pure GOLD!

The best part is—at least for me—I get to don my tuxedo, strike up the band, tickle some ivories, and help you channel your inner Beethoven in my talk… “The Hero’s Fury.”

If you’ve ever felt the pain, the anger, the frustration, the fear, the pounding of that terrible dirge of depression and disappointment…

This is a CAN’T MISS moment.

Join me and Ray and ol’ Ludwig in Franklin, Tennessee next week… July 26-28… for the experience of a lifetime.

The Copywriting Academy Live… with special guest, back from the crumbling cradle of rot and decay… Beethoven!

Tickle your ivory mighty mouse over to the link below and get ready to fill your tank with an almighty fuel distilled from FURY!

Can’t wait to see you there!