Yo-Yo Ma's Copy Class on Fundamentals

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Every year during my undergrad, our school hired a famous String Quartet for a week. 

These professional quartets spent the week teaching and coaching small student ensembles in the exacting art of Chamber Music.

Chamber Music is a sort of group "Trapeze Artist” act. It’s a challenging, yet highly rewarding kind of classical music.

One of the violinists in the Alexander String Quartet told us an amazing story about Yo-Yo Ma, the most famous classical musician in the world.

The violinist had been a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

One week, the guest soloist with the BSO was the famous Yo-Yo Ma. 

A few days before the sold-out concert, this violinist was passing by the concert hall and heard a solo cello playing. 

Curious, he peeked inside to see who it was. 

There sat Yo-Yo, center stage, all alone, playing only one note. 

He was playing his lowest note on the cello. Over and over and over. Soft. Then loud. Then soft. Then gradually growing. Then gradually diminishing. Again and again and again and again. Over and over and over.

Just one note.

Just one sound. 

Filling the famous, yet empty hall, nearly to bursting with that one, droning, piercing tone.

This went on and on and on for over 20 minutes. Just one note.

The violinist told us that if the greatest classical musician in the world still needs to practice the fundamentals, the rest of us do too.

Copywriting, like classical music, is a never-ending rabbit hole. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the “ninja” tactics and bright shiny objects.

But it’s the fundamentals that matter most. 







Are you sticking to the fundamentals? Even if you’re an A-lister? 

Vince Lombardy did the same thing with his champion Green Bay Packers. 

Every year at training camp he’d start off telling these pro athlete’s who’d devoted their lives to the game… “this is a football…”

My new book Symphonic Copywriting is NOT full of ninja or wizard tactics. It’s based on the fundamentals of great persuasion used by the master composers and copywriters of the past and present.

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In the meantime, may your copy ever be melodic and harmonious!