Zany Conductor Changes "My" Everything

Zany Conductor Changes _My_ Everything.jpg

This is my whole life.

This is my everything.

My family. My faith. My music. My copywriting. My identity.

This one question.

Have you heard of the charming conductor and public speaker Ben Zander?

Last night I started reading the book he and his wife co-authored, “The Art of Possibility.”

My mind was blown wide open!

(Thank you, fearless mentor, Ray Edwards, for reminding me about this great book!)

But I want to tell you about Prof. Zander's Ted Talk. 

This is required watching for everyone!

Whether you like, tolerate, love, hate or ignore classical music. It’s about SO much more than music.

With wit and energy and passion oozing from every poor, Prof. Zander demonstrates how classical music can teach us the deep things. Even if it requires “one buttock playing,” as he calls it.

  • The long line of vision. (12:04)

  • How an orchestra conductor (or any leader) depends for his power on "the ability to make other people powerful.” (17:42)

  • How to know when you’ve succeeded in awakening “possibility” in others. (18:01)

  • The salve to every broken or difficult relationship he learned from the vow of an Auschwitz survivor. (19:59)

  • And the big question… the ONE… the one that changes everything… the one that’s re-awakening *my* everything! (18:22)

I’ve setup Symphonic Copywriting and am having fun.

But I keep asking myself the core question… “WHAT IS MY WHY?”

I found it. I rediscovered it within myself while watching this video.

But don’t watch… 

Don’t listen… 


You’re ready to ask yourself some deep questions. 

Some soul-pivoting questions.

Be careful. 

Your life may never be the same again.

Mine certainly won’t. And all for the better.

Join the orchestra and listen to Maestro Zander here…

And may your copy ever be melodic and harmonious!