Copy Cure for Emotional Zombie Fog

Copy Cure for Emotional Zombie Fog.jpg

4 notes. That’s all it took.

Just 4 notes. My mental zombie fog lifted.

You know the feeling. 

You’ve put in 8 or 10 or 12 hours of work.

It’s time for bed. But you deserve to relax, just for a little bit before bed.

So you sit in front of the tv. 

My wife and did this the other night.

Both of us were blurry with zombie brain fog.

Nothing was getting through to us. Our emotions were shot.

We’d wrestled kids to bed. We’d hosed down and sanitized the kitchen. We’d worked in our businesses all day. We were drained.

And then 4 notes.

Somehow, 4 notes of sublime music cut through the zombie fog.

Within a second or two we were back to our early romance. 

Our hearts fluttered. Our spirits lifted. Our souls sang in harmony with the gorgeous melody.

All we’d done was scroll through our Amazon Prime watchlist and decide to watch an old favorite. 

We knew we’d only get 20 or 30 minutes in before we both nodded off. 

But we deserved a little break.

We picked “Sabrina,” starring Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, and Greg Kinnear. 

And who wrote the music for this romantic journey? 

The great John Williams! 

Yes, he writes for all sorts of movies. Not just those with stormtroopers or roguish archeology professors or young wizards in training.

Most of the soundtrack is simple piano music. 

But the melody… O that melody… Somehow it transports us to a different time and place. 

It takes us into a dream state where all our hopes and wishes come true.

Even as I’m writing this email, I can hear the 4 notes in my mind. Just the thought of them sweeps me away yet again.

And all it takes is 4 notes. 4 notes to lift the zombie fog and take me away.

If that’s not some of the most amazing musical copywriting, I don’t know what is.

Great copy, like great music, gets passed the emotional zombie fog and finds the soft emotional underbelly. 

I know of no one alive today who does this better than John Williams.

But you can learn to do this too.

I’ve written about several of his techniques that can be used in your copywriting.

They’re all in my new book, Symphonic Copywriting: The Harmonious Interweaving of Words Composed to Stir Your Customer’s Deepest Emotions.

Chapter 2 (which you can get for free at the link I’ve pasted down below) is all about one of John Williams’ most successful strategies. It’s called, The John Williams “Skywalker” Secret to  Singing Your Customer’s Tune.

Learn how to cut through the emotional zombie fog like the great John Williams by clicking on the link below. I’ll shoot you an email with your free copy of Chapters 1 & 2 of my soon-to-be-released new book.

And may your copy ever be melodic and harmonious!