How To Compose Marketing Messages That Sing Your Customer’s Tune


Is your marketing falling on deaf ears?

Are you struggling to know what to say to new prospects and how to say it in a way that gets them hanging on your every word?

If you would like to transform your words into magical, musical, melodious copy that stirs your prospect’s emotions… then this is the book for you.



Symphonic Copywriting: The Harmonious Interweaving of Words Composed to Stir Your Customer’s Deepest Emotions


In Symphonic Copywriting, you’ll discover…

  • A Copywriter’s “Ode to Joy” (Introduction)

  • A Master Songwriter’s Strategic Sales Cipher (Chapter 1).

  • John Williams’ “Skywalker Secret” to Singing Your Customer’s Tune (Chapter 2).

  • How to Wave the Maestro’s Magic B.A.T.O.N. of Audience Awareness (Chapter 3).

  • The Prospect’s Progression: From Customer to Client to Convert (Chapter 4)

  • Painters Paint, Sculptors Sculpt, Composers Compose, Writers Write (Chapter 5)

  • Beethoven’s Blueprint to Persuasive Long-Form Sales Letters (Chapter 6)

  • Begin with the Explosive Climax in Mind (Chapter 7)

  • How to Compose Headlines That Stand Out Like Cannon Blasts in a Cathedral (Chapter 8)

  • Using ‘Leitmotif’ Leads to Jumpstart the Symphonic Sales Letter (Chapter 9)

  • The “Butts-In-Seats” Storytelling Strategy to Keep Your Audience from Leaving at Intermission (Chapter 10)

  • The “Theme & Variations” Technique for Crafting Bewitching Bullet Points (Chapter 11)

  • The Virtuoso’s Eye-Popping Guarantee That Transfigures Fear Into Fanaticism (Chapter 12)

  • Mozart’s “Masterpiece” Method for Orchestrating the Perfect Close (Chapter 13)

  • How to Transpose Uninspired Emails Into Sinfoniettas of Seductive Storytelling (Chapter 14)

  • The Operatic Building Blocks of Full-Scale Product Launches (Chapter 15)

  • Symphonic Marketing: The Copywriter’s In-House Orchestra (Chapter 16)

Are you ready to learn how to sing your customer’s tune?

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