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“This method has been used by every rockstar from Bach and Beethoven, the original musical master-persuaders, to trend-setting superstars like the Beatles and Michael Jackson. Without their mentors, these artists would never have reached the top and made millions of dollars in the process.

“Now you can wield the kind of influence, impact, persuasion, and magnetism these rockstars have over their biggest fans without dishing out huge wads of cash to a hack copywriter by enlisting in the Rockstar Copywriting Conservatory.”


Dear Friend,

If you’re…

☑️ Sick and tired of spending countless hours writing copy for your business only to hear crickets when it’s launched…

☑️ Struggling to know what you should change in your current copy to get more sales from more customers more often…

☑️ Ready to work with a mentor and have the kind of success George Martin brought to the Beatles or Quincy Jones brought to Michael Jackson…

…then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

Every great rock star… old and young, from way back in the days of classical music right up to today… every single one of them had a mentor. Someone who helped them find their voice, hone their skills, and write the mega-hits that made them rich and famous.

Imagine having the kind of raving fans the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, or Taylor Swift have. They have enormous influence over their fans because music has some sort of secret magical power to impact people like almost nothing else. But not just any music. Music written with that secret sauce that turns audiences into fanatics.

Words can have the same kind of “Beatlemania” impact to move mountains, or heal nations, or cause mass global movements. So words and music have something in common. So if music is influence, and words are influence, it follows logically that…

Copy Is Music!

Now, if copy is music and you want to have the kind of copy success in your business the rock stars have in songwriting, you need the one thing they had that made them gel as artists and rise to the top of their category.

You need a mentor.

And that’s why I, the #CopyComposer, created The Rock Star Copywriting Conservatory, the secret society of “Rock-Star-Copywriters-In-Training” where you’ll learn how to get hoards of paying fans.

When you join the Rock Star Copywriting Conservatory, you’ll


Rock Star Copywriting Apprenticeship

Copy of Taken' It To the Bridge (1).jpg

Without George Martin, the Beatles never would have reach the level they did. Without Quincy Jones, we wouldn't know the name or the music of Michael Jackson. They made the difference that took these musicians to not only "Rock Star" status, but "Legend" status. 

I can be your George Martin, your Quincy Jones.

My rigorous and unforgiving, repetitive and thorough training as a Ph.D. composer of classical music…through years of schooling, performing, composing, conducting, teaching, and analyzing music…has given him x-ray vision to see structures and trends that help him write copy that converts prospects into loyal, paying customers. And I'm going to apply that level of precision to your copy.

You could hire me to write all the copy for your business, which will add up quickly (I recently quoted a client for $25,000). 

Or... I can stand by your side and apply my #CopyComposer's eye to your copy every month for as long as you want to help you write major copywriting HITS for your business. And that's A LOT less expensive than hiring me to write it for you. But we can talk about that too, if you want.

There are only 20 “Rock Star Copywriting Apprentice” slots are available. When you decide that I'm the Quincy Jones for you, here's what you'll get. 

I will coach you every month as you make your journey on the road to Rock Star Copywriting status. Whether you're a beginning copywriter or an entrepreneur writing copy for your own business, having a coach is one of the fastest ways to sharpen your skills and learn to write true winners.

Each month we'll have a 1-hour, private copywriting coaching call via Zoom or Skype where we'll go through your copy to sharpen it up and working as well as it possibly can. I'll critique you, coach you through each step of the writing, help you massage your sales letters, emails, facebook ads, and any other copy you need to get your business singing your customer's tune loud and clear.

If on a given month you don't need any help with your copy, we can work on your marketing, on your funnels, on your products, on your mindset during our 1-hour call. 

And you'll have extra-access to me through a separate email account where you can continue the conversation and check in more regularly with me.

You can stay for as long as you want, month after month, for years. Or if a slot opens up and you just need a month of help, that's great too.

This is the place where I can help you the most and where we can work together to get your copy rockin' and rollin'!!!

You’ll Also Get…

BONUS #1 - “Hit Song” Sales Letter of the Month

Taken' It To the Bridge (1).jpg

Young musicians learn the ins and outs of all the greatest rock songs as they work towards rock star status. To learn to write great copy, you can do the same with winning sales letters.

Every month we'll have a private Zoom call where I will lead a detailed discussion of the winning "Hit Song" Sales Letter of the Month. I'll get down into all the details about why this is a great piece of copy. 

We'll dissect the headline, analyze the hook, and see how the copywriter opens the sale. Then we'll analyze the story, the bullets, and dig into all the proof elements and see how the writer overcame their reader's objections. Finally, we'll zoom in on the offer, the guarantee, and the close.

You'll get what the rockstars get when they learn how to play all the hit songs, and that it, a complete repertoire of copywriting master-tools of persuasion from proven winner. And you'll get all that for $50 a month, which is less than $2 a day.

… and…

BONUS #2 - Killer Headline of the Week

Killer Headline of the Week (1).jpg

Each week you'll get a private post dissecting the "Killer Headline of the Week." I'll tell you why it works. We'll break it down and talk about the persuasive power of each part. And then... I'll create a template for you so you can write a version of this headline for YOUR business.

Since the headline is responsible for about 80% of the success of every piece of copy, it's the perfect place to start on your journey to Rock Star Copywriter Status!


To become a “Rock Star Copywriting Apprentice” and start learning to write killer advertising, click the red button below and join TIER #3. When you do, you’ll automatically gain access to TIER #1 and TIER #2.

And may your copy ever be melodic, harmonic, and filled with Rock Star influence and impact!