EPISODE #10 - Email Riffs and Licks that Stick

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What is it about a hit song that draws us in?

It's the same thing that draws in your email subscribers.

The opening "riff" or "lick" ... or in email speak, the "subject line."

If a song doesn't catch your ear in the first 2-3 seconds, you change the station.

And if an email doesn't catch your eye in 1-2 seconds... or less... you get deleted without a second thought.

In this episode, you'll learn 15 ways to write email subject lines that stick and actually get opened!

To follow along, please visit www.DouglasPew.com/Start to download a free copy of "Email Subject Line Starter Kit-15 Types of Subject Lines that Almost Always Get Opened and Read.".

And remember… #CopyIsMusic.

The #CopyComposer

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