EPISODE #9 - Material Girl Persuasion Secrets

Material Girl.jpg

Are you a "Stranger Things" fan?

I sure am.

I can't get enough of that show!

One of my favorite things is all the great 80s music.

One particularly fun scene is when the two young teenage girls, Elle and Max, go to the mall.

It's Elle's first time shopping what Max teaches her about how to discover which outfit to wear is one of the great secrets of master persuasion.

And for me, the best part is the song selection once the girls start trying on outfits.

Madonna's "Material Girl" encapsulates both the scene and the persuasion secret perfectly! And that's what we'll dig into today on The Music of Copywriting Podcast.

Tune in to learn an easy and powerful way to turn your products and services into the kind of things your prospects not only need to satisfy some internal craving… but the products and services that help define who they are as a person.

And that’s a deeper kind of powerful persuasion.

Remember, #CopyIsMusic.

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